Water Productivity: Principles and Practices

by Umesh, M R & B M Chittapur

ISBN: 9789390371860
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
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Biblio : 2019, xvi+350p., figs., color phto., tbls., 25cm

Author Profile

Dr M R Umesh, Assistant Professor, University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur (UAS), Karnataka. He earned MS and Ph.D. from UAS, Bangalore, specialized in Agronomy and later Post–Doctoral Fellow in New Mexico State University, NM, US. He has nine years of experience at various levels on maize agronomy, water management and cropping system research. He has published more than 40 research articles, 20 book chapters, 10 research bulletins and extension literature for the benefit of farming community. Based on his significant contribution, many professional societies and organizations conferred awards including young scientist award from National Environmental Science Academy, New Delhi, IPNI best photo award, Department of Science and Technology fast track young scientist, UAS Raichur incentive award, ISA best poster etc. He is an active referee of five national and international journals, life member of five professional societies. He is involved in teaching at BS, MS and Ph.D. students and research guidance for the last five years. He has visited USA, England, and the Philippines for various academic purposes. Dr B M Chittapur has earned his M.Sc.(Agri.) and Ph.D. degrees from UAS, Dharwad, Karnataka. Presently he is working as Director of Research, UAS, Raichur. He also served as Professor and Head of Agronomy and has three decades experience in teaching, research and farm production. Also worked as Dean (Agri.), College of Agriculture, Bheemarayanagudi, UAS, Raichur for three and half years and at College of Agriculture, Raichur for one and half years. He worked on soil solarization for his Ph.D. and is a recipient of Gold medal for his Masters degree and has meritorious academic carrier throughout. He implemented many innovative ideas in research after taking the charge of Director of Research. He guided 15 Masters and 6 Doctoral students, among them one Doctoral student theses has been awarded as “Best Thesis” from the Indian Society of Agronomy, New Delhi. He has published hundreds of research papers in national and international scientifically peer reviewed journals and has half a dozen of books besides useful technologies for farming community.

About The Book

This book is a comprehensive knowledge source to the researchers, teaching faculty, students and other agriculture professionals. Not only importance of water is highlighted as a precious non-renewable natural resource but also the on-farm water management is equally emphasized considering the high water requiring crops as well as most efficient irrigation systems and practices with necessary work sheets. It is hoped that the book serves as a reference source for graduate and post graduate students and faculty in agricultural universities in India and abroad. This book is comprised of 32 chapters prepared on variety of topics by eminent personalities involved in agriculture research, education and extension. Previous exercises made in the country and elsewhere are briefed and new trends in water management are delineated in these chapters. Overall, the issues covered in the book are of practical and policy significance with detailed deliberations which often reappear because of their importance and diversity of experts.

Table of Contents

Contents Foreword v Preface vii List of Contributors xiii 1. Water Productivity: Why and How? 1 B.M. Chittapur and M.R. Umesh 2. Concepts of Soil-Water-Plant-Atmosphere Relationship in Water Management 21 M.R. Umesh and Jagadish 3. Water Efficient Crops and Cropping Systems 31 M.R. Umesh and Jagadish 4. Real Water Saving in Rice Based Cropping Systems 43 B.K. Desai, S.R. Rajesh and U.N. Santhosh 5. Physiological and Biochemical Adaptations to Mitigate Water Stress 55 Djanaguiraman Maduraimuthu and Mukesh Kumar Meena 6. Physiological Traits to Enhance Water Use Efficiency in Field Crops 73 M.K. Meena, B.M. Chittapur, M.R. Umesh and M.C. Naik 7. Hydrophilic Polymers: As Water Holding Capacity Enhancer for Maximizing Crop Yield in Agriculture 81 M.K. Meena, U.K. Shanwad and M. Chandranaik 8. Recent Developments in Water Management in Rice 95 B.G. Masthana Reddy 9. Water Productivity and Tillage, Crop Residue Management 101 M.N. Thimmegowda and B.K. Ramachandrappa 10. Role of Liquid Organic Manures in Fertigation and Crop Production 109 Satyanarayana Rao, B.K. Desai and R. Venkanna 11. Irrigation Water Management in Commercial Crops 115 M.Y. Ajayakumar, Y.M. Ramesh and Manjunatha Bhanuvally 12. Precision Micro-Irrigation and Water Measurement Methodologies 129 R.H. Rajkumar, J. Vishwanatha, S.R. Anand and A.V. Karegoudar 13. Potential Crops for Salt Affected Soils in Command Areas 143 S.R. Anand, J. Vishwanatha, A.V. Karegoudar and R.H. Rajkumar 14. Laser Guided Land Levelling for Efficient Irrigation Water Use 151 P.S. Kanannavar, P. Balakrishnan, Y. Ravindra, C. Rudragouda and B. Anuraj 15 Fertigation in Important Field and Horticulture Crops 155 M.V. Ravi, H.S. Latha, M.R. Umesh, G.V. Shubha and K.K. Amrutha 16. Micro-Irrigation to Enhance Water Productivity 171 G.V. Srinivasa Reddy, M.R. Umesh and N. Anand 17. Methods of Irrigation, Water Measurement and Estimation of PET 177 M.R. Umesh, M.Y. Ajaykumar and N. Manjunatha 18. Scheduling of Irrigation in Major Field Crops 217 M.R. Umesh, N. Jagadeesh and Shanthappa Duttangarvi 19. Precision Irrigation Water Management in Field Crops 227 U.K. Shanwad and M.R. Umesh 20. Dry Direct Seeded Rice: Efficient Water Use in Irrigation Commands 239 P.H. Kuchanur, G.W. VanLoon, Yogeshkumar Singh, R.H. Rajkumar, S.R. Anand and S.G. Patil 21. Herbigation in Field Crops 245 G.S. Yadahalli, B.M. Chittpaur and Vidyavathi G. Yadahalli 22. Concepts and Design of Drip Irrigation in Arable Crops 251 N. Ananda and M.R. Umesh 23. Irrigation Water on Incidence and Management of Plant Diseases 269 K.R. Shreenivasa and D. Rekha 24. Use of Remote Sensing and GIS in Irrigation Water Management 275 N.L. Rajesh and B.M. Chittapur 25. Improved Water Management Practices in Horticultural Crops 283 B.R. Premalatha and B.N. Maruthi Prasad 26. Alternative Use of Agro-based Industries Effluents for Crop Production 297 S. Bhaskar, M.S. Dinesha and C.A. Srinivasamurthy 27. Irrigation Scheduling and Techniques in Fruit Crops 307 N. Jagadeesha and L. Madhu 28. Policy Issues for Protection of Weaker Sections of the Society in the Event of Water Use 319 D.M. Chandargi 29. Machinery and Implements for Water Conservation 329 M. Anantachar, K.V. Praksh and Sushilendra 30. Irrigation Water Legislation, Regulation and Distribution 335 Amrutha T. Joshi, Suresh S. Patil, G.B. Lokesh and H.M. Swamy Index 347