Metallic Contamination and its Toxicity

by Gautam, Ashutosh & Chakresh Pathak

ISBN: 9789390259717
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
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Biblio : viii+247p., figs., tbls., 25cm

Author Profile

Dr. Ashutosh Gautam obtained his Master Degree from Garhwal University, Srinagar (Garhwal) and Doctor of Philosophy from the H.N.B. Garhwal University. He has more than three dozen research papers/ articles & radio talks to his credit. Dr. Gautam has authored/edited more than 12 books related to Environment & Sustainable Development. Dr. Gautam is the editor of an international journal – Environment Conservation & member of editorial board of several international journals – Journal of Environment & Pollution, Indian Journal of Environmental Sciences & Indian Journal of Environment & Eco-Planning. Dr. Chakresh Pathak is a young researcher working in the field of Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Toxicology. He earned M.Sc. & Ph.D. from Gurukula Kangri University, Haridwar. He has received research fellowship under the scheme of BSR (UGC) for meritorious Research Students. He has authored/edited three books. He has published more then a dozen research paper in National/International Journal and attended more than Fifteen National and International conferences.

About The Book

Heavy metals, individually & their compounds can affect human health. These are all naturally occurring substances which are often present in the environment at low levels. In high levels, these can be dangerous. Toxic heavy metals entering the ecosystem may lead to geo-accumulation, bio-accumulation and bio-magnifications. Due to their widespread use in human activities such as industry, agriculture and even as medicine numerous health risks may be associated with exposure to these substances. Their toxicity depends on several factors including the dose, route of exposure, and chemical species, as well as the age, gender, genetics, and nutritional status of exposed individuals. These metallic elements are considered systemic toxicants that are known to induce multiple organ damage, even at lower levels of exposure. Considering the importance of this subject, the present book “Metallic contamination and its Toxicity” gives an overview of the main features of heavy metal and their health consequences. The present book provides sufficient information on toxicology and risk assessment & remedial measures. This book will be useful to Environmentalist, Scientist, Researchers, Industrialists, Social workers and Toxicologists providing useful data. This will help to setup standards/guideline to protect human health & environmental hazard from heavy metal.

Table of Contents

Preface v 1. Effects of Selenium Seed Priming for Reduction of Arsenic Induced Phytotoxicity in Rice S. C. Santra and Debojyoti Moulick 1 2. Arsenic Pollution and Some Possible Mitigation Processes Ruma Das, Shrila Das, Mandira Barman, Sunanda Biswas and Arkabanee Mukherjee 23 3. On the Extreme Tolerance and Removal of Arsenic by a Facultative Marine Fungus Aspergillus sydowii Anjana K. Vala 37 4. Root Colonization, Cadmium Uptake in Finger Millet (Eluesine coracana L.) Under the Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Deeksha Krishna and H. K. Sachan 45 5. Scenario of Heavy Metal Occurrence, Toxicity Chemistry and their Environment and Health Impact Particularly in Contrast to Chromium Nitesh Dhiman and Markandeya 53 6. Chromium Toxicity in Water and its Removal Methods Bhavtosh Sharma and Vikas Chander 63 7. Effect of Heavy Metal Toxicity to the Operational Parameters of Wastewater Treatment Plant During the Indian Festival of Colors Akansha and Ankur Rajpal 73 8. Half-Molecule ABC Transporters and Heavy Metal Detoxification in Animals Bhaskar Ganguly 89 9. Fish Bio-marker: An Appealing Tool for Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Aquatic Ecosystem J. Nath and N. Debnath 99 10 Toxicity of Heavy Metals Disha Pant and Kamal Pant 113 11 Heavy Metals Contamination and its Impact on Human and Environmental Health Poonam Gusain and Nishant Gupta 125 12 An Over View of Metal Toxicity in Agricultural Soil and Plants Ganesh Chandra Kisku, Vinay Kumar, Pokhraj Sahu and Pramod Kumar 137 13 Heavy Metal Contamination and its Impact on the Fertility Value of Soil in Agroecosytems Priyanka Sahu, Sunita Sharma and Khursheed Ahmad Wani 161 14 Characterization, Toxicity Assessment and Elimination of Heavy Metals from the Textile Waste Water Effluents Bipin J. Agrawal 179 15 Phytoremediation as a Potentially Promising Technology: Prospects and Future Vikas Kumar 207 16 Plant Mediated Transformation and Habitat Restoration: Phytoremediation an Eco-Friendly Approach M. K. Jhariya, D. K. Yadav and A. Banerjee 231