Handbook of Soil and Insects

by Steffrud, Alfred

ISBN: 9789388027298
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Imprint : Agri Horti Press
Year : 2018
Price : Rs. 7495.00
Biblio : x+196 p., 25 cm

About The Book

Soil is an integral part of land wealth. It has a great importance in day-to-day human life. Agriculture products depend on fertility of soil. Insects continue to exist in all types of environment and inhabit more than two thirds of the identified species of animals in the planet earth. Insects can produce silk, honey, wax and lac that man has not been able to make as yet. Insects are the pollinators of our grain crops, fruits, vegetables, cotton and flowers. They serve as food for animals. The present book is enriched with 31 lead articles contributed by eminent researchers in their respective fields. It is divided into two parts comprising of Part I: Soil and Part II: Insects. It is meant to serve as an important resource materials for students, teachers, researchers, academicians, naturalists, entomologists, pedologists, agriculturists, pathologists, horticulturists as well as common people having concern for soil and insects.

Table of Contents

1. Better Soils, Better Food 1 —Kenneth C. Beeson 2. Organic Matter in Soils 13 —A.G. Norman 3. Soil Organisms and Disease 24 —Selman A. Waksman 4. Ways to Till the Soil 31 —F.L. Duley and O.R. Mathews 5. Rotations in Conservation 39 —R.E. Uhland 6. Managing Surface Runoff 48 —D.B. Krimgold 7. Grass in Farm Waterways 52 —C.E. Ramser 8. The Control of Salinity 58 —H.E. Hayward 9. Phosphate Fertilizers 64 —W.H. Pierre 10. Use of Nitrogen Fertilizers 71 —F.W. Parker 11. The Liming of Soils 77 —Emil Truog 12. The Use of Minor Elements 87 13. Tests of Plants and Soils 92 —Michael Peech and Hans Platenius 14. Nutrient-Element Balance 100 —C. B. Shear and H. L. Crane 15. Irrigation in theWest 109 —GeorgeD. Clyde 16. MakingMore of Irrigation 115 17. The TaxWe Pay to Insects 119 —F. C. Bishopp 18. Aerosols for Insects 122 —Randall Latta and L. D. Goodhue 19. The Chemistry ofDDT 127 —H. L. Haller and Ruth L. Busbey 20. NewInsect Repellents 133 —Bernard V. Travis 21. DDT in the Home 137 —L. S.Henderson 22. Pests that AttackMan 141 —KF. Knipling 23. Crops that Resist Insects 151 —C.M. Packard, B. B. Bayles, andO. S. Aamodt 24. Control of Forage Pests 154 —W. A. Baker 25. Insecticides forCotton 158 —R.W. Harned 26. Orchard Insecticides 162 —B. A. Porter 27. Insecticides for Vegetables 166 —W. H. White 28. Controlling Pests of Stock 172 29. News About Bee Diseases 175 —A. P. Sturtevant 30. ABonus fromFoulbrood 181 —E. C.Holst 31. More Honey fromBees 187 —C. L. Farrar Index 193