Advances in Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Biology Vol. 7

by Kaul, Bansi Lal, Anil Verma & P L Kaul

ISBN: 9789387057913
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2018
Price : Rs. 12995.00
Biblio : xviii+364p., figs., plts., tbls., indx., 25cm

Author Profile

Dr. Bansi Lal Kaul (b.1942), Former Professor of Zoology and Principal, Government SPMR College of Commerce and Management, University of Jammu is a noted teacher, researcher, and author. He has to his credit more than hundred articles, on functional anatomy and ecology of fishes, wildlife and Himalayan environment. Besides having edited titles on Himalayan biodiversity, ecology and environment he is editing a series titled, "Advances in Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Biology". The present volume is the seventh in the series. Prof. Dr. P. L. Koul (b.1950) has worked on morphology, histology, histopathology and biochemical composition of Acanthocephala. He taught zoology, biotechnology, ecology, wildlife, fisheries and parasitology at UG level for more than thirty years. He also worked as Principal for more than eight years in Govt. Degree and PG Colleges in J&K State. Dr. Koul has many research publications on Acanthocephla, Protozoology, Histology, Pathology and Histopathology to his credit. Dr. Anil Verma (b.1963) Associate Professor and Head, faculty of sciences Government Post Graduate College of Education, Jammu, J&K State did his M.Sc. Zoology, M.Phil and Ph.D degrees by the University of Jammu, Jammu. He has to his credit more than 70 research papers and review articles published in reputed journals.

About The Book

Advances in Fish and Wildlife, Ecology and Biology Volume 7 is the latest addition to the series of the same title. Like the earlier volumes this volume has two sections - the first dealing with fish and limnology and the second with wildlife. The first section includes some recent additions to our knowledge of the reproductive strategies of marine fish species of Brazil, biodiversity status and conservation measures of threatened Indian fishes, a review of the effect of endocrine disruptors on aquatic animals, management of catchment area of the river Ganga and macrobenthic community structure in paddy fields in Kole wetlands in Kerala. In this section are also included the study on Benthic faunal wastes, induced spawning and seed production of a fish in three different types of hatcheries, water bugs as a forage base in fisheries and allelopathic interactions in fresh water ecosystems with special reference to zooplankton. The wildlife section includes a taxonomic review of the genus Pareumenes from the Indian subcontinent, response of the serum LH levels as correlated with testicular morphology of albino rat, wildlife diversity of Odisha, ecology and conservation of mammals of oak forests of central Himalayas, addition of two new species of Balantidium from Rana, a review of diversity and distribution of nematodes of paddy in West Bengal and observations on the feeding and breeding biology of Red-vented bulbul in Jammu.