Microbial Empowerment in Agriculture

by Sarma, Brinchi Kuamr & Akanksha Singh

ISBN: 9789387057012
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Imprint : Biotech
Year : 2018
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Biblio : ix+532p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm

About The Book

The book ‘Microbial Empowerment in Agriculture: A Key to Sustainability and Crop Productivity’ is a compilation of works from eminent scholars who have worked on various microbes of agricultural significance. Chapters of the book have addressed different microbes that are used in agriculture for ensuring environmental sustainability and increasing crop productivity. Recent trends in the field of agricultural microbiology related to fixing atmospheric nitrogen (bacterial and cyanobacterial) and mobilization of various other nutrients in soil (fungal and bacterial) are covered in various chapters of the book independently. Moreover, microbes used for management of fungal, bacterial and nematode problems in agricultural crops are also included in the book. Microbes used for remediation of toxic metals in agricultural fields are also part of the book. Modern trends such as microbial genes and genomics were also included in the book to highlight some recent perspectives. In general, the book covers nearly all agriculturally significant microbes that are currently being used to increase crop productivity in a sustainable manner with a modern outlook.

Table of Contents

Preface Recent Trends of Biological and Agricultural Research in Legume- Rhizobium N2-Fixing Symbiosis S.K. Jaiswal, Shobhit Kumar Singh and A. Vaishampayan Current Status of Cyanobacterial Research in Agricultural Crop Production Pradeep Kumar Rai, Anuradha Rai and Surendra Singh PGPR: Plant Beneficial Function Contributing (PBFC) Genes and their Function Sangita Sahni and Bishun Deo Prasad PGPR: An Effective Bio-Agent in Stress Agricultural Management Shobhit Raj Vimal, Jay Shankar Singh, Naveen K Arora, D.P. Singh Mycorrhiza in a Changing Environment Helps Plants to Deal with Stress S. Pal,, Alvina Farooqui, Amitava Rakshit, Sumit Rai, Avinash Rai and H.B. Singh Advanced Approaches for Microbial Identification in Omics Era Dhananjaya P. Singh, Ratna Prabha, Manish Kumar, Sevyaa and Arun K. Sharma Biological Control of Pre and Post Harvest Diseases in Fruits N.V. Singh, Jyotsana Sharma andR.K. Pal 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Biological Control of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes: Recent Perspectives Udai B. Singh, Asha Sahu, Nisha Sahu, Renu, Wasiullah, Deepti Malviya, Bhanu P. Singh, Mohd. Imran, Pallavi, Shamandeep Kaur, Alka Singh, Ruchita Dixit, N. Karthikeyan, K. Pandiyan, Dipak T. Nagrale, P.K. Sharma, J.P. Rai, M.C. Manna, andA.K. Sharma Catenaria anguillulae Sorokin: A Potential Biocontrol Agent of Plant Parasitic Nematodes S.S. Vaish Microbial Diversity for Soil Sustainability and Crop Productivity Dhiman Mukherjee Potential of Biocontrol Agents and their Formulations for Management of Major Diseases of Pulse Crops RK. Mishra, P.R. Saabale, Naimuddin andM. Akram Biocontrol Mechanisms by Trichoderma: A Genomic Analysis Mukesh Srivastava, Mohd. Shahid, Anuradha Singh, Sonika Pandey and Vipul Kumar Beauveria bassiana:A Potential Entomopathogenic Fungus Deepika Chauhan, Vinod Upadhyay and Supriya Gupta Bioremediation: A Plausible Elucidation Domineering Heavy Metal Disaster Shilpi Khare Saikia and Rakesh Pandey Status and Perspectives of Biological Control of Rice Diseases RK. Singh, Anirudha Chattopadhyay and Sumit Kumar Pundey Insights into the Mechanisms of Biological Control by Beauveria bassiana Sudheer Yadav and Surendra Singh Microbial Resources in Management of Pulse Pathogens Jai Singh Patel, Gagan Kumar, Ankita Sarkar, Akanksha Singh, Mushtaq Ahmed, RS. Upadhyay and B.K. Sarma Comprehensive Approaches in Plant Disease Management Ratul Moni Ram, Chetan Keswani, Sandhya Mishra, Kartikay Bisen, Ruchi Tripathi, Shatrupa Ray, Vivek Singh, Harikesh B. Singh Microbial Control of Insect Pests M. Raghuraman Advance Trends in Mushroom and their Production Technology Ram Chandra, M.K. Yadav and P.K. Dhakad Biological Control of Rice Blast Disease: Recent Perspectives Pawan K. Sharma, V.P. Bhadana, Susheel Sharma, M.A. Ansari, Shiv Datt, Udai B. Singh, Bhanu P. Singh, S.K. Sharma, Renu, N. Karthikeyan, K. Pandiyan and Wasiullah Biological Control Based Integrated Pest Management of Major Insect Pests of Pulses P.S. Singh and S.K. Singh Use of Beneficial Microbes as Biofertilizer and Biocontrol Agent in Vegetable Production M.K. Pandey, R.P. Sahu, Samsher Singh and Ajay Tiwari Index