Wetland: Crisis and Options

by Goutam Kumar Saha

ISBN: 9789386949592
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2018
Price : Rs. 14995.00
Biblio : xviii+460 p., 25 cm

Author Profile

Goutam Kumar Saha passed B.Sc. (Honours in Zoology) from Burdwan University securing first class first position in the year 1981. In M.Sc. examination too, he stood first amongst the successful candidates in Zoology and received University gold medal. He was awarded his Ph.D degree from Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine and The University of Burdwan. He has published 160 research papers in different journals of International repute and authored 7 books/technical monographs in his credit. He started his professional carrier as a Lecturer in Zoology at Post Graduate Department of Zoology, Darjeeling Govt. College, Darjeeling and at present working as a Professor of Zoology, University of Calcutta.

About The Book

This edited volume is enriched with 27 lead articles contributed by the authorities in their respective fields and appears to fill up the vacant niche towards better understanding of this habitat both in theory and practice and thus meant to serve as a resource material for both undergraduate and post-graduate students, researchers, academicians, ecologist and environmentalists, nature lovers as well as common people by large. The present compilation provides diversified information ranging from microscopic zooplankton to charismatic mega fauna including macrophytes, aberrant groups, aquatic insects, molluscs, migratory and resident birds, mammals associated with wetland habitats. Special emphasis on their potentiality as ecosystem service providers are worth for the reader to extend the concepts and reality of wetland sustenance. At the same time it also discusses the problems and crises in and around functioning of this unique ecosystem in greater details and suggests conservation measures.

Table of Contents

Foreword vii Prelude ix List of Contributors xv Part I: Wetland: Faunal Wealth 1. Indian Wetlands: Problems, Prospects and Potentials 3 Goutam Kumar Saha 2. Insect Diversity in Wetland Ecosystem of West Bengal 19 Asok Kanti Sanyal 3. Brachyuran Crab Diversity, Distribution, Behaviour and Adaptation in Sundarban Delta 33 Malay Kanti Dev Roy and Nepal Chandra Nandi 4. Chironomids Associated with Rice Agroecosystem of West Bengal: A Review 51 Sailesh Chattopadhyay and Abhijit Mazumdar 5. Less Known Invertebrate Community in Wetland Ecosystems of West Bengal 69 Santanu Mitra 6. Indigenous Ornamental Fish Resources of West Bengal 79 Abhisek Basu 7. Fish Diversity of Riverine Systems along Eastern Himalayan Region 99 Munmun Chakraborty and Sumit Homechaudhuri 8. Amphibians in Lentic Wetlands of West Bengal: Diversity, Behaviour and Adaptations 117 Kaushik Deuti 9. Reptiles in Wetlands of West Bengal: Diversity, Behaviour and Adaptations 131 Kaushik Deuti 10. Mammals of Indian Wetlands with Special Reference to West Bengal 149 Rina Chakraborty 11. Indian Sundarban: Faunal Diversity and their Ecological Adjustment 165 Pranabes Sanyal 12. Bioresources and Socio-economic Developmental Plans (SDPs) in Wetland Ecosystem: A Case Study 171 Debnath Palit, Ambarish Mukherjee and Santanu Gupta Part II: Wetlands: Ecosystem Service Provider 13. Biomonitoring Potential of Aquatic Insects in Freshwater Ecosystem: An Overview 189 Srimoyee Basu, K.A. Subramanian and Goutam Kumar Saha 14. A Narrative on the Theories and Empirical Evidences of Intraguild Predation 213 Shreya Brahma, Gautam Aditya and Goutam Kumar Saha 15. Plankton Mediated Carbon Cycling Process in Sewage-Fed Fisheries 229 Parthiba Basu, Sarmistha Saha and Tapan Saha 16. Heavy Metal Accumulation in Zooplankton and Fish in a Sewage-Fed Wetland 249 Subinooy Mondal and Apurba Ratan Ghosh 17. Water Hyacinth: Origin, Mode of Invasion and its Role as Ecosystem Service Provider 265 Barnali Sarkar, Gautam Aditya and Goutam Kumar Saha 18. Wetlands as a Potential Mosquito Larval Habitat: Boon or Curse? 287 Soumyajit Banerjee, Gautam Aditya and Goutam Kumar Saha 19. Non-Fish Food Resources of Wetlands of West Bengal, India: Prospects for Food Security 305 Joy Chakraborty, Sk. Habibur Rahaman, Dibyendu Saha and Gautam Aditya 20. Macroinvertebrate and Macrophyte Assemblages in Wetlands of North Bengal: Benefit Sharing 317 Dipendra Sharma, Gautam Aditya and Goutam Kumar Saha 21. Fish as Indicator of Metal Pollution in the Waste-Fed Ponds of East Kolkata Wetlands 335 Paulami Maiti and Samir Banerjee 22. Evaluating Wetland Services: Ecology to Economy 355 Moumit Roy Goswami and Aniruddha Mukhopadhayay Part III: Wetlands: Challenges and Conservation Initiatives 23. Wetland Conservation: Indian Perspective 375 Asish Kumar Ghosh 24. Wetlands in Urban Landscapes: Problems and Potentials 385 Subhendu Mazumdar and Goutam Kumar Saha 25. Population Trends of Waterbirds in an Urban Wetland in Response to Habitat Degradation 401 Anirban Sinha, Prantik Hazra and Tarak Nath Khan 26. Ecotoxicological Threats of Agro and Geogenic Chemicals in the Freshwater Molluscs of India: A Review 423 Anindya Sundar Bhunia, Mitali Ray and Sajal Ray 27. High Altitude Lakes of Sikkim: Conservation Initiatives 445 Lak Tsheden Theengh, Priyadarshinee Shrestha and Partha Sarathi Ghose Index 453