Biochemistry of Plants and their Anatomy

by Akinloye Gurnah

ISBN: 9789386595423
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Imprint : Agri Horti Press
Year : 2018
Price : Rs. 9995.00
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About The Book

Biochemistry of Plants and their Anatomy covers the areas of plant physiology and biochemistry, cell biology, molecular genetics, biomechanics, pale botany, anatomy and morphology. This is unusual in emphasizing vertical integration across disciplinary boundaries and collaboration with faculty from the applied plant sciences, chemistry and engineering. Hence, the drought experienced by dessert plants is not the same that for agricultural ones, or plants grown in Mediterranean climatic areas. So, each specific plant is adapted to their specific water soil conditions. At the same time, the responses of plants to drought varied from morphological ones to molecular, including physiological and biochemical ones too. This book is intended to complete a comprehensive review about all aspects of the response of plants to drought. In each chapter a basic concepts will be first exposed, followed by the last findings of each topic.

Table of Contents

Preface vii 1. Introduction 1 2. Biochemistry 23 3. Medicinal Plants as a Part of Culture 42 4. Biosynthesis of Phytochrome: Determining Photoperiods of Plants 97 5. Plants Reproductive System 186 6. Process of Plant Photosynthesis 214 7. Water Relations of Plants 255 Bibliography Index 274