Insect Predators and Pest Management

by Vaishali J Patil, T V Sathe

ISBN: 9789383129973
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 7495.00
Biblio : vii+216p., 14 tabls., 39 plts., 227 figs., ind., 23 cm

About The Book

Insect pest predators is major component of Integrated Pest Management programme in modern agriculture. Pesticides create many serious problems such as air, water and food pollution; health hazards, ill effects and killing of beneficial organisms; pest resistance, pest resurgence, secondary pest outbreak, interruption in ecocycles, etc. Therefore, in the present text, very relevant information is given on the insect predators such as praying mantids, tiger beetles and Lady bird beetles on taxonomy, biology, seasonal abundance, habitats, rearing techniques and pest predator index. This book will be helpful for understanding various aspects of insect predators of pest and future directions in research and as guide to students, teachers, farmers and scientists in the field of pest management.

Table of Contents

Contents Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Rearing of Predators, Chapter 3: Survey and Surveillance, Chapter 4: Habitat Identification, Chapter 5: Taxonomy; Coccinelids, Tiger beetles, Praying mantids, Chapter 6: Biology of Predators, Chapter 7: Pest Predator Index.