Basic and Applied Entomology an Encyclopedia

by K C Kumawat, S R Kumawat

ISBN: 9789383129881
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 15995.00
Biblio : ix+512p., bib., 25 cm

Author Profile

Dr. K.C. Kumawat is presently working as Assistant Professor (Entomology), SKRAU, Jobner. He gave 10 production recommendations which were included in the package of practices.<br/> <BR> Dr. S.R. Kumawat is working as Lecturer (Entomology), BBD Government PG College, Shahpura (Jaipur). His research interest is to minimize the use of pesticides on vegetable and field crops and gave many recommendations on this aspect.

About The Book

The present text ‘Basic and Applied Entomology: An Encyclopaedia’ brought on paper largely encompasses the terminology and vocabulary frequently used in literature, lectures, discussions in class rooms and wherever the discipline is involved. The information contained herein is so essential for a vast group of people, students and experts who are increasingly becoming more enthusiastic to perceive the wordings in exact and concrete manner and cognizant for the thirst of knowledge; that it will provide better understanding of the subject. This type of information is hardly accessible at one place. Here, an attempt has been made to compile the fragmented and diffused information and to make available to the readers interested in the subject in a lucid manner. Hope, this will serve as the valuable source of information for the undergraduate and post graduate students of the agricultural universities, students of zoology having special paper of entomology in the universities of basic sciences, teachers, researchers and other cronies who are directly or indirectly interested in the field of entomology and pest management. These wordings are essential for the beginners as well as the advanced learners. This should not be understood that the information contained in this edition is self-sufficient but it will be an incessant and uninterrupted pursuit of the authors to find new words and that of the inadvertently omitted ones. The book incorporates old as well as recent information on basic and applied aspects of entomology with particular reference to the study of integrated pest management. The book also covers the important species of insect-pests related to agriculture.

Table of Contents

Preface <BR> List of Standard Abbreviations (Used in the Encyclopaedia) <BR> A <BR> B <BR> C <BR> D <BR> E <BR> F <BR> G <BR> H <BR> I <BR> J <BR> K <BR> L <BR> M <BR> N <BR> O <BR> P <BR> Q <BR> R <BR> S <BR> T <BR> U <BR> V <BR> W <BR> X <BR> Y <BR> Z <BR> Bibliography