Ecobiology of Aquatic Insects

by Harbhajan Kaur, Arvind Kumar

ISBN: 9789383129386
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 8995.00
Biblio : xi+247p., col. plts., tabls., ind., 23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. Arvind Kumar is Vice-Chancellor of Magadh University and had been Vice-Chancellor of Vinoba Bhave University. Dr. Kumar is recipient of several awards and medals including Prof. WA Nizam Gold Medal by the Zoological society of India, Dr. S.Z Qasim Gold Medal.<br/>Dr. Harbhajan Kaur is the Sr. Reader in the Department of Zoology, Punjabi University, Patiala.

About The Book

The factors governing life on earth are changing constantly and the same is true for life too. The unique property of the aquatic insects is their ability to changes in the themselves, accepting the challenge caused by changes in the surroundings and this has enabled to exploit the environment successfully, leading to their survival multiplication and continuation on earth since first appearance. This book is the compilation of esteemed articles of internationally acknowledged experts in the field of aquatic biology with the intention of providing a sufficient depth of the subject to satisfy the needs at a level which will be comprehensive and interesting. The present book will be useful to the students, research scholars, scientists in the field of Environmental management and ecoplanners, politicians and other people with similar interest.

Table of Contents

Contents Chapter 1: Quantitative Assessment of Predatory Insects and their Integration with Varied Factors in Some Fish Culture Ponds by Manish Chandra Varma, Shiv Kumar, Raghbendra Pratap and Arvind Kumar; Chapter 2: Genotoxicity of Cadmium Assessed by the Micronucleus Test on Channa punctatus (Pisces : Family-Channidae) by N K Tripathi and Anurag Dubey; Chapter 3: Diel Vertical Migration of Zooplankton in Andaman Sea by I K Pai, Sameer Terdalkar, M L Pereira and F M Morgado; Chapter 4: Biological Control of Locusts and Grasshoppers Using Red-Mite, Eutrombidium trigonum Herm by S K A Rizvi, N P Singh and Nazima Maqbool; Chapter 5: Effect of Different Food Conditions on Survival, Longevity and Life History of Oithona brevicornis and Calanus finmarchicus by R Ramanibai and G Priya: Chapter 6: Assesment of Plankton Diversity using Shannon-Weaver Index (H’): A Case Study in Coleroon and Cauvery Esturies by P Elayaraja and R Ramanibai; Chapter 7: Ecology of Aquatic Insects in Harike Wetland by K S Bath; Chapter 8: Ecology of Kanjli Wetland with Reference to the Invertbrate Fauna by K S Bath; Chapter 9: Distribution of Insects in Relation to Pollution in Satluj River, Panjub by H Kaur, J Syal, S Jasuja and S S Dhillon; Chapter 10: Insect Fauna of Ropar Headworkers Reservoir, Punjab by H Kaur, K Sajeev, S Jasuja and S S Dhillon; Chapter 11: Insect and Aquatic Envirionment by S Subhashini, K Logan Kumar and S Logaswamy; Chapter 12: Statistical Approach to Monthly Variations of Physico-chemical Factors at Lower Lake of Bhopal in Relation to Insect Fauna by Madhulika Singh and K Borana; Chapter 13: Seasonal Variations in Insects Population of Lower Lake of Bhopal in Relation to Macrophytes by Madulika Singh and K Borana; Chapter 14: The Effect of Pollutants on the Genotype of Five Species of Family Coengrionidae (Zygoptera : Odonata) by G K Waliy; Chapter 15: Main Cytogenetic Characters in the Order Odonata by G K Walia; Chapter 16: Algal Contribution to Dissovloved Oxygen in Small Hilly Streams: A Case Study by M R Sharma and A B Gupta; Chapter 17: Aquatic Environment of Ram Ganga River at Moradabad, India: A Quantitative Assessment by D K Sinha, Shilpi Saxena; Chapter 18: Oviposition Deterrent Activities of Azadirachta indica Dalbergia sissoo and Tagetes erecta Leaf Extract Against Culex Quinquefasciatus Say by Navpreet Kaur Gill and Shivali Uttam; Chapter 19: Histopathological and Histochemical Effects of a Newly Synthesized (JHA) Cyclohexloxy Compound on the Midgut on Fourth Instar Larvae of Culex quinquefascuatus Say by Navpreet Kaur Gill; Chapter 20: Role of Some Abiotic Factors in Structuring the Macroinvertebrate Community with Spical Reference to Insects Along a Longitudinal Profile of River Sindh, Kashmir Valley by Haroon UI Rashid and Ashok K. Pandit; Chapter 21: Some Aspects of Habitat Ecology of Aquatic Entomofauna in two Freshwater Lakes of Kashmir Himalaya by Kawnsar-ul-Yaqoob and Ashok K Pandit.