Copyright Law Economy and Development

by Somu Giriappa

ISBN: 9789383129133
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 8995.00
Biblio : x+246p., tables, bib., ind., 23 cm

About The Book

There has been an increasing awareness as to the nexus between economics and law affecting the economy, as a whole. Many economic laws purport to uphold the rule of law and any violation of the laws is meted out with appropriate punitive measures. It is the bounden duty of citizens as well the lawmakers and implementers of safeguard the basic tenets of the rule of law principles embedded in the laws and see that they are enforced and adhered to with economic rationality. In this, discussion on intellectual property rights has centered around compliance to the WTO standards and all the member countries including India are to modernize their IPR laws toward a globalized adoption and relevance. This volume attempts to pinpoint the status of IPRs with special reference to copyright laws and the likely issues involved in enforcement, violation and adherence to the copyright law and neighboring matters. The papers included are the outcome of a seminar and issues discussed range from the salient features of copyright and other IPRs, the problems in enforcement, the extent of adherence and the prospects in the globalized world. Copyright being a sovereign right can be exchanged provided there are some costs including monopoly empowerment, but in this the economy’s overall welfare has to be safeguarded. In this, it is hoped that the papers written by experts in the field of law would be a beginning to understand the nuances of copyright and other IPRs and their role in the economy. There is the necessity for further deliberations on the nexus between economy and law and it is hoped that this volume would fill in the gap confronting the desired linkage.

Table of Contents

Contents Chapter 1: Copyright Law and Practice in India: A Cross Check by N L Mitra & Sahana Murthy, Chapter 2: Economics and Politics of Copyright by G Thimmaiah, Chapter 3: Copyright and Related Rights: Law and Enforcement in India by T C James, Chapter 4: A Study on Copyright, Infringement and Remedies by R Vengam and M Rajendran, Chapter 5: Copyright Law by E Vijaya Kumar, Chapter 6: Protecting the Creator or the Entrepreneur? The Copyright Law’s Dilemma in the Sphere of Performer’s Rights by P Ishwara Bhat, Chapter 7: Methodological Issues in Copyright and Other Property Rights by S Giriappa and P A Rego, Chapter 8: Copyright and Media by Vishwesh Sekhar, Chapter 9: Nature and Extent of Copyright Protection for Computer Program by K R Aithal, Chapter 10: Copyright and Software by Bobby Kunhu, Chapter 11: Internet Domain Names and Trademarks by R G B Bhagavath Kumar, Chapter 12: A Critical Analysis of the Copyright in Designs and Latest Legal Developments by V Seshaiah Shasthri, Chapter 13: Copyright and Folklore by Lauri Honko, Chapter 14: Challenges of Copyright Law from Information Technology Laws by Justice B K Somashekara, Chapter 15: Copyright Law and Matters Enforcement Aspect from Police Point of View by T G Krishna Bhat, Chapter 16: Organizations Working for the Assistance of Intellectual Property Rights and Patenting in India by M K Bhandi and V B Savanur, Chapter 17: Copyright in the Classroom by Ravishankar Rao, Chapter 18: Copyright Law and Biotechnology by M N Madhyastha and P D Rekha, Chapter 19: Ethical Aspects of Copyright in India by G P Shivram, Chapter 20: Economic Analysis of copyright Laws by H A Shankaranarayana, Chapter 21: Towards the Economics of Copyrights by G V Joshi and I V Hegde.