Ethnomedicine for Human and Veterinary Development

by Ghosh, Ashis Kumar

ISBN: 9789383048892
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 4495.00
Biblio : xiv+100p., tabls., ind., 23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. A. K. Ghosh has been working on senescence and source-sink relationship of different types of plants since 1985. Besides he has been working on pollution and ethnomedicine since 1993. With more than 19 years of teaching experiences in H.S. section, he is at present serving as Headmaster in Saraswati Vidyamandir. Dr. Ghosh has already published 35 original scientific papers in International Journals of India and abroad. He is the author of 5 books, good sportsman and a social worker. <BR> He acted as referee in Iraq and Pakistan Journal (PJSIR). Dr. Ghosh has been adjudged the best individual for his notable contribution in the field of Science Popularisation and Performance in disseminating science from the libraries and laboratories to the common people of West Bengal and abroad. He was awarded Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya Smriti Puraskar for the Year 2004 by Department of Science and Technology, Government of West Bengal.

About The Book

Plant are value added for the content and chemical composition of their active components. The demand on Plant-based therapeutics has increased many fold in both developing and developed countries due to the growing recognition that they are natural products. Being non-narcotic, having to side-effects, easily available at affordable prices. There is a growing demand for plant-based medicines, bio-ceramic dresses, health products, pharmaceuticals, food supplements, cosmetics etc. international market of green medicine is over US$ 60 billion per year, which is growing at the rate of 7 %. <BR> Medicinal plants research has undergone a phenomenal growth during last two decades. Worldwide trend towards the utilization of natural plant remedies has created an enormous need for high tech low cost solution and information about the properties and uses of the medicinal plants. Based on the rationale, present book comprising and produces the Ethnomedicine from over 20 original papers in India and abroad, on a wide range of topics in the areas of Ethnomedicine and Pisciculture. <BR> It is hope the book will open new knowledge and further lead to research in new drugs of natural origin and serve as good source for further work to sustainable rural development through reintroduction of native plants and biodiversity conservation.

Table of Contents

Foreword Acknowledgement Preface 1. INTRODUCTION 2. BENEFICIAL 2.1 For human purposes 2.1.1 Ethnomedicine in Bankura District 2.1.2 Notes on Lodha Medicine in Midnapore District, West Bengal, India 2.1.3 Herbal folk medicines of Bankura District 2.1.4 Ethnomedicine in Bankura District 2.1.5 Herbal folk-remedies of Midnapore and Bankura District 2.1.6 Recognition of traditional medicinal plants resources for different diseases in the students locality through introduction of Health and Environment Education Field Project 2.1.7 Folk potential herbal drugs from Purulia, Bankura and Midnapore District 2.2 For veterinary purposes 2.2.1 Herbal veterinary medicine as practised by the tribals of Bankura District 2.2.2 Herbal veterinary medicine from the tribal areas on Bankura District 2.2.3 Ethno veterinary medicine from the tribal areas of Bankura and Midnapore District 2.2.4 Identification, contribution, cultivation and conservation of veterinary medicinal plants in habitat through ethno-botanical and ecological survey 2.2.5 Herbal used to treat different diseases in . animals 2.2.6 Preventive health care of cattle diseases 2.2.7 Preventive health care for cattle 3. INHIBITORY 3.1 Inhibitory effect of fishes exposed to some cultivated wild plants from the Bangiya West Rardh This ebook is exclusively for this university only. Cannot be resold/distributed. 4. Definitions of Some Terms 5. Amusing Common Names of Some Plants 6. References 7. List of Publications