Food Science and Technology

by Bhupendra Singh Khatkar

ISBN: 9789383048465
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 16995.00
Biblio : xv+549p., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm

About The Book

As the food-processing sector in India is growing rapidly, it was, therefore, felt appropriate to publish a book on ‘Food Science and Technology’. The chapters in the book have been contributed by eminent scientists/academicians active in the areas of food science and technology. It is hoped that the book will serve as a useful reference material to both the students and professionals. The book aims to introduce students and professionals engaged in the area of food science and technology to the wide range of processing techniques and recent trends that are used in food processing. It covers vitals areas including cereals, fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products, additives and other important chapters related to food science. The book attempts to explain each topic at a level that is easy to understand and implement. The book is divided into six parts and covers 52 chapters. Part I covers topics on grain processing. Part II deals with milk and milk products. Part III is devoted to fruits and vegetable processing. Part IV covers in detail the use of antioxidant vitamins and modified atmosphere packaging in meat and meat products. A detailed account of food additives is presented in Part V of the book. Several other important chapters are covered under Part VI of the book. In this section sixteen chapters are included covering interesting topics such as status of food processing industry in India, processing, packaging, nutritional and medicinal value of mushroom, utilization of food industries wastes, evaluation of pesticide residues in foods, integrated pest management in stored grains, nutraceuticals and its implications on human health, role of dietary fiber in human health, and management of food processing units. The book can be used as a valuable reference text for the undergraduate and post-graduate level courses in the discipline of food science and technology. The book is also useful for the teachers and professional for understanding important aspects of food processing.

Table of Contents

Contents Part I: <BR> Grain Processing; Chapter 1: Convenience Foods from Cereals and Legumes by S S Arya; Chapter 2: Applications of Extrusion Cooking Technology by Narpinder Singh and A C Smith; Chapter 3: Flour Milling Industry Status in India by Vinod Kapoor; Chapter 4: Advances in Structure and Functionality of Wheat Gluten Proteins by Bhupendar Singh Khatkar; Chapter 5: Identification of Cereals and Cereal Derived Foods Using Protein and DNA Profiling Techniques by Santosh Dhillon, Dharam Singh and Anita Ahlawat; Chapter 6: Processing and Food Uses of Grain Legumes by Umaid Singh; Chapter 7: Processing and Utilization of Coarse Grains by Asha Kawatra; Chapter 8: Golden Rice: A Future Staple for Developing Countries by Randhir Singh; Part II: Milk and Milk Products; Chapter 9: Technological Advances in the Production and Preservation of Traditional Indian Milk Products by Dharam Pal; Chapter 10: Application of Reverse Osmosis for Concentration of Milk by Dharam Pal; Chapter 11: Trends in Technology of Drying by Y K Yadav; Chapter 12: Quality Management System in Dairy Industry by C M Kapoor and R S Dabur; Chapter 13: Quality Assessment of Dairy Products by D K Thompkinson; Chapter 14: Advances in Milk Processing by R S Dabur and C M Kapoor; Part III: Fruita and Vegetable Processing; Chapter 15: Free Radical Scavenging Enzymes and Shelflife of Fruits and Vegetables by Dharam Singh and Santosh Dhillon; Chapter 16: Packaging of Fresh Fruits by J K Sandooja; Chapter 17: Postharvest Management of Horticultural Crops by J K Sandooja; Chapter 18: Recent Trends in the Processing of Fruits and Vegetables in India by Susanta K Roy; Chapter 19: Postharvest Handling of Fruits and Vegetables by S S Dhawan; Chapter 20: Freezing of Fruits and Vegetables by S S Dhawan; Chapter 21: Dehydration of Fruits and Vegetables by S S Dhawan; Chapter 22: Nutritional and Medicinal Value of Under-exploited Fruits by Suneel Sharma; Chapter 23: Utilization of Under-exploited Fruits for Value Added Products by Suneel Sharma; Chapter 24: Biochemistry of Fruit Ripening by Santosh Dhillon, Dharam Singh and Rakesh Kumar; Chapter 25: Postharvest Management of Vegetable Crops by J L Mangal and S Lal; Chapter 26: Role of Biotechnology in Enhancing Shelf-life of Fruits by Randhir Singh; Chapter 27: Freeze-drying Technique for Food Preservation by Saleem Siddiqui; Chapter 28: Food Packaging by M K Garg; Part IV: Meat and Meat Products; Chapter 29: Factors Affecting Potato Chips Quality by Bhupendar Singh Khatkar; Chapter 30: Modified Atmosphere Packaging Technology of Meat Food Products by J Sahoo; Chapter 31: Use of Antioxidant Vitamins in Meat and Meat Products by J Sahoo; Part V: Additives; Chapter 32: Enzymes in the Modification and Processing of Plant Foods by Dharam Singh, Santosh Dhillon and Rakesh Kumar; Chapter 33: Role of Functional Properties in Food Processing by Umaid Singh; Chapter 34: Antinutritional and Toxic Factors of Food Crops and their Removal by Processing by