Ethnopharmacology: Recent Advances

by Jnardhanan, K. K., Palpu Pushpangadan & V. George

ISBN: 9789383048052
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 9995.00
Biblio : xviii+260p., col. plts., figs., ind., 25 cm

Author Profile

Prof. (Dr.) P. Pushpangadan is Director General, Amity Institute for Herbal and Biotech Products Development, Trivandrum.

About The Book

Ethnopharmacology is a multidisciplinary subject and an area of research where tradition and modern science coexists. The progress of this interdisciplinary science is expanding fast with our increasing quest for phytopharmaceuticals and our increasing awareness on traditional and alternative systems of medicines. The book is a compilation of articles written by eminent researchers working on phytomedicine and on various aspects of ethnopharmacology. Many of the articles are modern approaches to ethnopharmacological research. The book will be immensely useful to students, teachers, scientists and pharmaceutical industries interested in plant based medicine and drug development.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement Preface List of Contributors 1. Mechanisms of Apoptosis Induced by Garlic-Derived Components 2. Music Therapy: An Introduction 3. Application of Traditional Knowledge of Medicinal Plants by Tribes of Some Part of Rajasthan 4. An Experimental Evaluation to the Anticancer Activity of Homeopathic Medicines 5. Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Immunomodulatory Effects of Viscum album Preparations 6. A Rasayana, ICHOR-CR, as a Possible Chemoprotectant Against Doxorubicin-Related Toxicity 7. Ethnomedicinal Potential of Herbal Drugs on Gastric Dysfunction in Experimental Animals 8. Anti-inflammatory, Antinociceptive and Diuretic Activities of Amoora cucullata Roxb. 9. The Role of Ethnomedical Leads in Drug Discovery 10. Quality of Natural Health Products through Marker Profiling: Promotion and International Coordination 11. Potential Use of Some Natural Compounds as Radioprotectors 12. Resveratrol Miracle: From Chemoprevention to Cardioprotection 13. Protective Effect of Phytochemicals in Cancer Chemoprevention, Wound Healing and Ischemia- 14. A Brief Review on Phytoconstituents with Potential Antidiabetic Activity 15. Scientific Evaluation of Traditional Medicine: Ethnopharmacology, Reverse Pharmacology, System Biology to Metabolomics 16. Biological Diversity in Curcuma: A Review Sharad Srivastava, A.K.S. Rawat and Shanta Mehrotra 17. Therapeutic Potential of Medicinal Mushrooms Occurring in South India Amelioration of Oxidative Stress-Induced Hepato-Renal Damages: A Pre-Clinical Evaluation 18. Traditional Medicine and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Regime of 21st Century 19. Antimitotic Polysaccharide from Punica granatum 20. Documentation of Traditional Knowledge and IPR 21. Protection Related to Plants Used for Food and Medicine Index