Applications of Advanced Nanomaterials

by Tufan Ghosh, Roopas Kiran Sirugudu, Sudagar Jothi

ISBN: 9789359198156
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2024
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Biblio : xvii+160p., figs., tabls., 23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. Tufan Ghosh received his M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras). He completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry from IIT Madras under the supervision of Prof. Edamana Prasad. Later, he joined Prof. Sanford Ruhman's group at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a postdoctoral fellow and worked on understanding ultrafast charge carrier dynamics in various semiconducting bulk and nanomaterials. Currently, he is an assistant professor at the VIT-AP University, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh where his group focuses on exploring charge carrier dynamics in halide perovskites. He is recipient of Start-Up Research grant from the DST-SERB, Govt. of India. Dr. Roopas Kiran is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, School of Advanced Sciences at VIT-AP University. He received his PhD in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India in 2012. He pursued his Postdoctoral Research work at University of Padua by associating with National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN, Legnaro), Italy from 2012-2014. He has more than 25 publications in various international journals in the field of ferroelectric and dielectric materials. Dr. Sudagar Jothi is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, at VIT-AP University. He completed his PhD from the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Jilin University, China (2008-2012) with International scholarship between the MHRD, India and the MOE, China. He was a Visiting Research Associate at the Queen's University Belfast, UK in 2011. He pursued his Postdoctoral research work in High Performance Ceramics Lab, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at IIT Madras, India (2013-2017) and in XRD Lab. He is the recipient of many awards including the prestigious International Corrosion Council fellowship in 2011 at Perth, Australia. He has published 30+ SCI papers in the field of High-Entropy materials, Eco-friendly Coatings, Corrosion science of engineering materials, Nanomaterials synthesis for Energy storage, and Sensors.

About The Book

This book comprises selected peer-reviewed chapters on some of the recent developments in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The topics covered in this book include energy storage and conversion, biomaterials, sensors and actuators, optical and functional materials, and computational / simulation methods. This book will be useful for researchers and professionals working in the various fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Table of Contents

1. The Influence of Organic Dye on the Electrical Properties of n-Ge Based Organic-on-Inorganic Semiconductor Heterostructures 1 D. Mallikarjuna, A. Ashok Kumar, V. Rajagopal Reddy, V. Janardhanam, Chel-Jong Cho 2. Effect of Reducing Agent on the Formation of Surfactant Free Tungsten Disulphide Nanoflowers 11 Saranya Sasi, Christeena Thomas, Benazeera Beegum and Reshmi R 3. Lifetimes of the Metastable n2D5/2States of K-like and Rb-like Ions 17 Narendra Nath Dutta 4. An Optical Fiber-Fresnel-Reflection Sensor to Monitor Low-Temperature Response of Binary and Ternaryaqueous Solutions 23 Mani Priyadarshini, Archana Rallapalli, Venkata Rajanikanth Machavaram, Akella Sivaramakrishna, Pachaiappan Arulmozhivarman 5. Structural Stability of Halide Perovskites: An Overview 31 Vanga Ravali and Tufan Ghosh* 6. Enhanced Magnetoelectric Coupling in Alternating Layers of Ferromagnetic and Ferroelectric Layers 41 V. K. Verma, V. R. Singh and S. Jena viii Applications of Advanced Nanomaterials 7. A Study on Silver Doped 2D MOS2 Hybrid Nanostructure for Optoelectronic Device Applications 47 Christeena Thomas, Benazeera Beegum K A, Saranya Sasi, Asha A S, Reshmi R 8. Recent Advancements in The Photodegradation of Rhodamine B dyes 55 Keerthi Valsalan and Triveni Rajashekhar Mandlimath 9. An Insight into The Synthetic Methods of Carbon Dots and Hetero Atom Doped Carbon Dots 67 Reshmi M K Nair and Triveni Rajashekhar Mandlimath 10. Formic Acid, A Convenient Hydrogencarrier, and its Dehydrogenation by Palladium 79 N Sai Kumar, Adhikary, A 11. A Study of Carbon Nanotube FETs with Four Different Gate Insulators 87 Md. Akram Ahmad, Jitendra Kumar and Bhubon Mech 12. Macromolecular Crowding and its Impact on Biomolecular Processes and in the Fields of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology 97 Majumdar, Bibhab Bandhu 13. Enhanced Performance of Lead-Free Masni3 Based Perovskite Solar Cells: Numerical Approach 103 Bhumika. E, N. Hima Varsha, Megha Unni, Sudagar Jothi, Chandu DS 14. Orientation in A Large-Area Conducting Polymer Thin-Films for Organic Field-Effect Transistors Fabricated by Ribbon-Shaped FTM 109 Atul S.M. Tripathi 15. Review on Perovskite Solar Cells: Materials and Stability 115 Vissam Setti Mourya Teja, Chinmaya Kumar Swain, Arun Kumar and L. Sowjanya Pali 16. Catalytic Efficacy of Terpyridine Complexes in Carbon Dioxide Reduction 135 Venkata Srujana B., Dr. Rajarshi Sarkar Rhodium Catalyzed Organic Transformations: S Recent Perspective 145 ix