Swine Production and Management

by Kumar, Niraj

ISBN: 9789354618994
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2024
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Author Profile

Dr. Niraj Kumar is Professor of Animal Genetics & Breeding, College of Veterinary Medicine, Mekelle University, Mekelle since 2010. He has worked as Veterinary Doctor in several Middle East and African countries. He has published 2 books and more than 60 research publications from nationally and internationally acclaimed publishing houses/journals.

About The Book

This book on Swine Production and Management emphasizes the swine rearing in totality. The contributors have provided a technical basis for the successful raising of swine in both temperate and tropical environments. Pork is consumed the most than any other terrestrial meat and the competitive position of pork as a food source both in the developed and developing countries have continued to be strengthened during the past few decades. This book contains a classic guide to swine farming that presents the reader with all the fundamental information they would need to know about breeding and farming pigs. This book is written in simple language and it deals with the basic principles of the establishment of a new swine farm, its management, good practices and ideal conditions for optimum production of the pig. Besides production and management, this book also contains marketing, the economics of production, and important diseases of pigs.

Table of Contents

Preface vii The Contributor’s xv 1. Introduction 1 2. General Body Features and Handling of Pigs 8 3. Swine Production System 15 4. Breeds of Swine 20 5. Management of Basic Swine Activities 34 6. Housing of Pigs 39 7. The Digestive System of the Pig 50 8. Nutrition of Swine 54 9. Reproductive System of Boar 68 10. Reproductive Physiology of Boars 73 11. Reproductive System of Sows 78 12. Reproductive Physiology of Sows 87 13. Selection of Swine 106 14. Systems of Breeding 114 15. Piglet Management - Birth to Weaning 119 16. Farrowing Management in Sows 128 17. Lactation and Its Management in Sows 133 18. Production of Pork 138 19. Biosecurity in Swine Production 147 20. Economic Benefits and Marketing in Swine Farms 152 21. Basic Haematology, Biochemistry and Physiology of Swine 157 22. Diseases in Swine 162 23. Common Bacterial Disease in Swine 171 24. Common Viral Disease in Swine 177 25. Common Parasitic Disease in Swine 186 26. Nutritional Deficiencies in Swine 194 27. Abnormalities in Swine 200 28. Techniques of Necropsy Diagnoses in Swine 204 29. Record Keeping in Swine Production 223 30. Disinfection of Swine Barns 227 31. Economics of Setting up of a Pig Rearing Farm 230 32. Terms used in Swine Industry 233 References 241 Index 247