Modern Trends in Mental Retardation

by Bhattacharya, Srinibas

ISBN: 9789354618918
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Imprint : Associated Publishing Company
Year : 2024
Price : Rs. 5095.00
Biblio : vi+139p., 23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. Srinibas Bhattacharya is known in the field of education and psychology. He has been educated in India, London and the U.S.A. He did his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of London. Some of his outstanding works Peace and War, Long Road to Peace drew attention of eminent scholars including Bertrand Russell. His name was nominated for Nobel Prize for his work Our Sweetest Songs a book dedicated to the cause of peace and love. His name has also been enlisted in Who is Who in the world. <BR> Dr. Bhattacharya is currently engaged in research on peace education and is the founder –director of Harmony House, an experimental institute of child development. He is also the founder editor of the journal ‘New Perspectives’.

About The Book

The day has dawned when the mysteries around developmental disabilities have drawn close attention. They have challenged all the professional and social scientists because of the numerous dimensions of the problems. Many of them are yet to be explored. <BR> New concepts are emerging as a result of growing experiences and insight. The age old mystery around the dynamics underlying various kinds of disabilities have frustrated many researchers still struggling for obtaining a complete picture of developmental process and the factors contributing to the growth and functioning of brain and mind. It has been observed that in addition to the genetic factors,. cultural factors, too, play a significant role in human development. The significance of cultural and social factors are gaining importance. <BR> This volume has touched some of these sensitive areas and it is hoped that this will help the nation’s efforts toward planning for the mentally retarded in the present age of exploration and expansion.