Creativity Essence to Manage and Grow

by Wadhwa, Raj P

ISBN: 9789354618864
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Imprint : Associated Publishing Company
Year : 2024
Price : Rs. 9895.00
Biblio : xxiv+258p.,figs., 23 cm

Author Profile

Prof Raj P. Wadhwa had a very distinguished career and held senior positions in Government, Public Sector and Universities and Organisations in India and USA. <BR> After obtaining his B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics from Delhi University, he continued his quest for higher learning and did PG Diploma in Electronics Communication from Indian Institute of Science, Banglore, Master Degree in Electrical Engineerng from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York and D.Sc. from University of Michigan, USA.

About The Book

Creativity-Essence to Manage and Grow is a comprehensive guide for all the professionals, business/industrial executives, students and management people. <BR> Emphasis has been made here how individuals, organizations and industrial enterprises can grow immensely and reach the zenith of business, industrial and economic prosperity and attain sustained peace and happiness in life by nurturing a creative environment within one’s own mental frame. How to achieve this has been explained in detail in the 13 chapters of the book. <BR> Examples of life and work of great men of achievement in their seemingly varied fields of activities have been cited. Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, JN Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani, Kanwar S. Rekhi, Walt Disney, Henry Ford and many others who excelled in their chosen fields were dedicated doers ever maintaining a creative and joyous environment all around. <BR> It is hoped that readers will be amazed to discover by themselves hitherto unexplored potentials secretly hidden within their very core while going through the pages of the book.