Perspectives in Animal Ecology and Reproduction Vol. 02

by Gupta, V K

ISBN: 9789354618819
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2024
Price : Rs. 13995.00
Biblio : xi+387p., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. V.K. Gupta is working as Senior Scientist in Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR), Jammu.<br/>Dr. Anil K. Verma is working as Lecturer (Zoology), Government Degree College (Boys), Udhampur, J & K.

About The Book

The Volume II of the book Perspectives in Animal Ecology and Reproduction provides the readers with recent information/achievements and future directions on the subject. This volume comprises two sections and includes nineteen original research papers/review articles. Section I includes eleven papers on the ecological aspects of economically important insects, impact of polluting agents on fish resources, seasonal dynamics of some helminth parasites of lizards and turtles, and the eco-ethological studies on rhesus monkey. Section II on animal reproduction includes eight topics on the impact of various toxicants and radiations on the animal reproductive performance, bio-control of housefly, corpus luteum in turtles, and the breeding biology of common babbler bird. The book will be found exceedingly helpful and favourably received by students, teachers, researchers and scientists in colleges, universities and other research institution all over the country and abroad. The book may also prove useful for students preparing for various competitive examinations.

Table of Contents

Contents Chapter 1: Bio-Attributes of Predaceous Coccinellids - A Review by Omkar, Ahmad Pervez, Shefali Srivastava and Barish E James; Chapter 2: Status of The Asian Giant Honey Bee Apis dorsttata F and its Conservation in Southern Part of the Deccan Peninsula, Karnataka, India by S Baswavarajappa; Chapter 3: Relative Food Preference for Various Mulberry Varieties in Spodoptera Litura (F) and Diacrisia obliqua Walk by J S Tara and Baldev Sharma; Chapter 4: Micro-arthropod Abundance and its Effect on leaf Litter Decomposition and Nitrogen Release Pattern in a Tropical Deciduous Forest by M C Gupta and A Wanganeo; Chapter 5: Heavy Metal Pollution in Fresh Water and its Impact on Fisheries by K L Jain, R K Gupta and K L Jain; Chapter 7: Feeding Ecology of Rohu Larvae in Relation to Light and Dark Conditions by Seema Langer, Sushma Khajuria and Tajinder Kour; Chapter 8: Seasonal Incidence of Telorchis (Trematoda: Digenea) in the Fresh Water Turtle, Kachuga (Family: emydidae) in Jammu by B K Pandoh, Anil K Verma and V K Gupta; Chapter 9: Seasonal Population Dynamics of Paradistomoides gregarinum (Trematoda: Digenea: Dicrocoelidae) in the Lizards Calotes Versicolor Daudin and Hemidactylus flavivirdis Rupell from J & K State by Anik K Verma and P L Duda; Chapter 10: Ecological and Behavioural Studies on Rhesus Monkey, Macaca mulatta (Zimmermann) - A Review by S K Gahlawat, R k Gupta and R C Gupta; Chapter 11: An Ecological and Behavioural Study on Macaca mulatta (Zimmermann) in Jammu by D N Sahi and Shubhra Sharma; Chapter 12: Control of Musca domestica by Casia fistula Seed Extract by Mangla Bhide, Sunil Kumar and Vandana Kharya; Chapter 13: Environmental Toxicants and their Impact on Reproduction by Charanjit Kaur Dhanju; Chapter 14: Effect of Summaach Treatment on the Early Oocytes of Channa Punchtatus by Kadambri Gupta and Girija Suri; Chapter 15: Ovarian Maturation Cycle of Puntius ticto (Hom) from a Lotic Water body of Jammu by A Khajuria and Kadambri Gupta; Chapter 16: Histogenesis and Development of Corpus Luteum in Fresh Water Turtles by V K Gupta; Chapter 17: Seasonal Variations in Follicie Number in Common House Gecko Hemidactylus faviviridis Rupell (Reptilia: Geckonidae) in Jammu by Bhawna Abrol and D N Sahi; Chapter 18: Radiation as an Environmental Agent Affecting Intrauterine-Development by M R Saini; Chapter 19: On the Nidification and Breeding Biology of Common Babbler Turdoides caudatus (Dumont) in Jammu by D N Sahi.