Fundamentals of Limnology and Aquaculture Biotechnology

by Kar, Devashish

ISBN: 9789354618789
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2024
Price : Rs. 21895.00
Biblio : xiv+609p., plts., figs., bib., ind., 23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. Devashish Kar is one of the pioneer researchers in the Barak Valley region of Assam in the field of Wetlands, Rivers, Fisheries and Aquaculture. After graduating from G.C. College, Silchar, he had complete his Master’s programme from University of Gauhati with specialization in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture. He had been awarded Ph.D. by the university of Gauhati. Presently Dr. Kar is working as Professor and Head, Department of Life Science at School of Life Sciences, Assam (Central ) University, Silchar, Assam (India).

About The Book

This is a basic text-cum-reference book on Limnology, Fishery and basics of Aquaculture Biotechnology. people at different walks of life, including students. Policy-makers and administrators could find treatise the useful.

Table of Contents

Contents Chapter 1: Basic Concepts of Limnology; Chapter 2: Limnology of Wetlands and Rivers; Chapter 3: Physico-chemical Characteristics of Water; Chapter 4: Physico-chemical Characteristics of Soil; Chapter 5: Plankton Communities; Chapter 6: Aquatic Macrophytes; Chapter 7: Ichthyodiversity and Ichthyogeography with Special Reference to Barak Drainage (Assam), Mizoram and Tripura; Chapter 8: Biodiversity of the Fishes of Barak Drainage (Assam), Mizoram and Tripura: Present Status; Chapter 9: An Account of the Mahseer Fishes of the Region; Chapter 10: An Account of the Fish Yield from Water Bodies in Barak Drainage of Assam, in Mizoram and in Tripura; Chapter 11: An Account of the Indian Shad in the barak Drainage of Assam; Chapter 12: Occurrence of Advanced Fry of Hilsa (Tenualosa) ilisha in the Wetlands of Barak Valley Region of Assam; Chapter 13: An Account of Indian Major Carps in the Beels of Assam; Chapter 14: Interrelationship and Dynamics of Fish Population in the Beels of Assam; Chapter 15: Fish Catching Devices in Barak Drainage (Assam), in Mizoram and in Tripura; Chapter 16: Fisherfolk in Barak Drainage (Assam), Mizoram and Tripura; Chapter 17: Fishing Centres, Fish Landing Stations and Fish Marketing; Chapter 18: Coldwater Fishery; Chapter 19: Diseases in Freshwater Fishes; Chapter 20: Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS); Chapter 21: Biology of Fishes: Analysis of Life History Traits in Fishes; Chapter 22: Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor; Chapter 23: Maturity, Breeding and Fecundity; Chapter 24: Aquaculture; Chapter 25: Freshwater Fisheries Management; Chapter 26: Management and Conservation of Fish Habitat and Fishes: A Case Study in Sone Beel in Assam; Chapter 27: An Introduction to Aquaculture (Fish) Biotechnology; Chapter 28: Fish Genetics and Development of Transgenic Fishes; Chapter 29: Fish Genetics; Chapter 30: Androgenesis and Gynogenesis in Fishes; Chapter 31: Transgenic Fish.