Regional Development and Family Planning

by Raju, S Siva

ISBN: 9789354618512
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2024
Price : Rs. 8795.00
Biblio : xix+231p., 71 tabls., 1 map, 23 cm

About The Book

In the book, various determinants of contraceptive behaviour have been studied across different geographical regions and cultural groups in Andhra Pradesh. They include socio-economic, demographic, cultural, ecological, health and other progress variables which influence contraceptive behaviours. The book is innovative because only a very negligible attempt is made, so far, to conduct a study of this type in India. It is also valuable for rationalising inputs and for making differential efforts on a scientific basis and to strengthen the family welfare programme among different diverse region and cultural groups all over the country. The book has revealed that at least ten major variables are related to Socio economic, demographic, cultural groups, modernisation, communication and health fields influence contraceptive behaviours among two cultural groups. The findings are unique in many respects and should have far-reaching theoretical, methodological policy in the population control programme implementation.

Table of Contents

Contents <BR> Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Review of Literature; Chapter 3: Methodology; Chapter 4: Socio-Economic Characteristics and Contraceptive Behaviour; Chapter 5: Demographic Characteristics and Contraceptive Behaviour; Chapter 6: Culture and Contraceptive Behaviour; Chapter 7: Modernization and Contraceptive Behaviour; Chapter 8: Communication and Contraceptive Behaviour; Chapter 9: Health and Other Programme Variables and Contraceptive Behaviour; Chapter 10: Period of Adoption; Chapter 11: Multiple Determinants of Contraceptive Behaviour; Chapter 12: Summary and Implications.