Economic Reforms and Technological Development

by Giriappa, Somu

ISBN: 9789354618253
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2024
Price : Rs. 8395.00
Biblio : x+230p., figs., 23 cm

About The Book

Worldover, economic reforms have transformed the countries into strongholds of oligopolistic economic and political systems such that corporatisation and globalisation have become the catchwords of development. India too, has its share in shaping the structure of reforms in many fields with varying results. The recent liberalisation policy has its impact on technology, society and polity. To be globally competitive, corporatisation has been the major avenue through which many multinationals also spread their wings. The book deals with various aspects of economic reforms scenarios and the state-of-the-art built in stabilisers and future avenues for development. The issues covered include biotechnology, industrial technology, energy and environment, R & D institutions, organic farming, telecommunications, banking, agricultural research and construction. It is hoped this initiative in presenting a thematic prelude for rationalising reforms in the global setting would encourage many more analyses to come in various fields. The volume would be of interest to policy analysts, administrators, researchers and the general reader as well.

Table of Contents

Contents Chapter 1: Introduction by S Giriappa; Chapter 2: Impact of Economic Liberalisation on Science and Technology in India by M Abdul Rahiman; Chapter 3: Science, Technology and Economic Reforms: An Ecological and Ethical Perspective by H M Desarda; Chapter 4: Organic Farming: A Sustainable Approach by G K Veeresh; Chapter 5: Impact of Economic Reforms on Science and Technology for Agriculture by Sivam Varadarajan; Chapter 6: Planning for Sustainable Development of Agriculture: Some Leading Issue for Thinking and Action by G V Joshi; Chapter 7: Global Coffee Marketing and India’s R & D Efforts by M Indira; Chapter 8: Socio-economic Impact of Coastal Aquaculture in Karnataka by Ramachandra Bhatta and Mahadev G Bhat; Chapter 9: Process of Industrialisation, Economic Reforms and Energy Planning in India by B Satyanarayan; Chapter 10: Impact of Economic Reforms on Industrial Operations and Environment Management by G R Krishna; Chapter 11: Environmental Impact of Scienceand Technology Issues in Libralised Economy by T S Channesh; Chapter 12: Economic Reforms and Ecotechnological Development by M N Madhyastha; Chapter 13: Economic Liberalisation and Social Responsibility of Multinational Corporations by K V M Varambally; Chapter 14: International Transfer of Technology in the Wake of Liberalisation by Vasant Gumaste; Chapter 15: Economic Reforms and Industrial Entrepreneurship Development in India by Odeyar D Heggade; Chapter 16: Technological Advancement and Impact of Research and Development of India Productive Sectors by S Divakara Shetty and H Rajarama Hande; Chapter 17: Indian Telecoms: Role and Impact of Economic Reforms by J Rajeswar Rao; Chapter 18: Financial Engineering: An Analysis of Its Products by T Mallikarjunappa; Chapter 19: Low Cost Materials for Housing by S Seetharaman and Mohandas Chadaga; Chapter 20: Economic Reforms and Rural Development: An Imperative Need for Collective Participation by K P Sripathi; Chapter 21: Science, Society and Technology by S Giriappa.