Perspectives in Animal Ecology and Reproduction Vol. 01

by Gupta, V K

ISBN: 9789354618208
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2024
Price : Rs. 11295.00
Biblio : xiii+308p., figs., ind., 22 cm.

Author Profile

Dr. V. K.Gupta is working as Senior Scientist in Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR), Jammu.

About The Book

The book “Perspective in Animal Ecology and Reproduction” comprises the vast body of research on the subject and has been designed in such a way as to serve the purpose of the student, the scientist and the teacher and will help them to learn the current state of knowledge of animal ecology and reproduction. This book is organized into two parts and includes twenty six original research articles written by eminent research workers of the country. 15 articles pertain to animal ecology and include data on ephemeroptera, termites, aquatic insects, fishes, turtles and mammals. Papers on aquatic pollution, parasitology and impact assessment of Goriganga hydal projects have also been included in this section. 11 articles finds place in the animal reproduction section dealing mainly with morphological, cytological, embryological, environmental and functional aspects. The book, with its balanced approach will be a valuable, and an important research manual, that will stimulate interest and satisfy the need for further knowledge of this rapidly expanding and exciting discipline.

Table of Contents

Contents Section I: Animal Ecology Chapter 1: Ecology and Functional Morphology of Ephemeroptera (May flies) in the Hills of North-Eastern India: A Review by Abhik Gupta & Susmita Gupta, Chapter 2: Ecology of Termites and their Infestation Problems in the Agro-climatic Zones in Karnataka by S Basavarajappa, A Naveed and B B Hosetti, Chapter 3: Evaluation of the Quality of Natural Water System through Aquatic Insects by D K Bhattacharya, Chapter 4: A Checklist of Insect Pests of Rice in Agro-Ecological Conditions of J&K State by Upasana Sharma, Chapter 5: The Effect of Paper Mill Effluent on the Physico-chemical Characters and the Dynamics of Plankton Population in the River Cauvery by N Saradhamani, K Shanthi, T Kulandaivelu and R Jaganathan, Chapter 6: Aquaculture, Environment and EIA Studies by Chandra Prakash, A K Reddy and Munikumar Sukham, Chapter 7: Fish Biodiversity of India and Strategies for Conservation by A C Pandey, P Das and A K Pandey, Chapter 8: Functional Response of Rohu Larvae (Labeo rohita) to Varied Prey Densities by Seema Langer and Sushma Khajuria, Chapter 9: Role of Ecological Factors in Governing the Direction, Time and Purpose of Migration in the Himalayan Mahseer, Tor Putitora (Ham.) in Ganga River System by Prakash Nautiyal, S N Bahuguna amd R P Thapiyal, Chapter 10: Impact Assessment Study of Proposed Goriganga Hydel Projects in Kumaon Region: Icthiyofauna by Aklaq Husain, Chapter 11: A New Fish Parasite, Ergasilus putitori, Sp. Nov. (Crustacea, Copepoda, Ergasilidae) from the Cilia of Tor putitora (Hamilton) from River Tawi, J&K State by Subhash, C Gupta, Harjeet Sehgal and M K Jyoti, Chapter 12: Seasonal Incidence of Gall Bladder Infection in the Lacertilian Hosts of Jammu by P L Duda and Anil K Verma, Chapter 13: Indian Marine Turtles: Management, Conservation and Research Perspectives by M R Yadav, Chapter 14: Some Aspects on the Ecology of Indian Soft-shelled Turtle, Lissemys punctata punctata (Bonnaterre) from J&K State by V K Gupta, Chapter 15: The Importance of the Diseases in Wildlife Conservation with Special Reference to Helminth Infections in the Blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) by M C Sathyanarayana. Section II: Animal Reproduction, Chapter 16: Reproduction in Predatory Ladybeetles (Coeloptera: Coccinellidae): A Review by Omkar and Ahmad Pervez, Chapter 17: Role of Day Length, Temperature and Inland Water Salinity in the Regulation of Reproductive Cycling in Cirrhina mrigala (Hamilton) by Rajender Kumar, Chapter 18: Breeding in Common (Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus) in Village Ponds: A Professional View by S P Rathee, K Singh and R K Gupta, Chapter 19: Effect of Mercuric Chloride and Cadmium Chloride on the Ovary of the Murrel, Channa punctatus (Bloch) by G P Patil and R R Dhande, Chapter 20: Toxicity of Copper Sulphate on Reproductive Periodicity in Female Fresh Water Hill Stream Teleost Discognathus modestus During Spawning Period by Binay Kumar Singh and Sangeeta Mashi, Chapter 21: Sexual Segment in Turtles: