Developments in Drugs and Pharmaceutical Technology/NAM S&T Centre

by Centre, NAM

ISBN: 9789354617546
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2024
Price : Rs. 11795.00
Biblio : xiii+324p., col. plts., figs., tabls., 25 cm

About The Book

This publication deals with the problems on the development of new medicine and herbal formulations from natural products and traditional drugs, technology transfer in bulk drugs manufacture through horizontal or vertical mechanism preferably through joint venture between the companies in the developing world, quality management, R&D on tropical diseases, bio-evaluation of drug molecules (in vitro and in vivo), provision and implications of TRIPS for drugs, manufacturing facilities and standards and modern methods of screening of natural products for developing new bioactives. Status of the development of drugs and pharmaceutical in some of the developing countries, viz., Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Syria and Zambia is also included in the publication.

Table of Contents

Contents Part I: Global Drugs and Pharmaceutical Sector: Situation Analysis Chapter 1: Strategy for Discovering New Therapeutics in Developing Countries by Professor R Kumar; Chapter 2: Drugs and Pharmaceutical Sector in NAM Countries: Implications of WTO and TRIPS by Dr (Mrs) Veena Jha; Chapter 3: Current and Emerging Horizons in Global Drugs and Pharmaceutical Sector by Dr (Mrs) Rama Mukherjee. Part II: Discovery, Design and Development of Investigative New Drugs (INDs) Current Trends Chapter 4: Founder’s Day Lecture: New Drug Development: An Indian Success Story by Dr Venkateswerlu. Part III: Medicinal Plants and Traditional Drugs New Precursors for INDs Chapter 5: Potential of Medicinal Plants as a Source for New Drugs Development by Dr Tuley De Silva; Chapter 6: Modern Techniques of Screening Natural Products for Drug Discovery by Dr Mark Butler; Chapter 7: Lead Optimisation for INDs HIV Protease Inhibitors: From Peptidomimetics to Cyclic Urease by Dr Javed Iqbal. Part IV: Tools of Automation for Rational Drug Discovery Chapter 8: Structure-Activity Studies through Computer Aided Modelling by Dr A K Saxena; Chapter 9: Parallel Synthesis and Combinatorial Libraries by Dr S Raghavan; Chapter 10: Rapid Screening of Combinatorial Libraries by Dr C Sesagiri Rao. Part V: Process Technologies for Bulk Drugs: Recent Trends and Innovations (Status of Bulk Drug Processing) Chapter 11: Chemistry of Important Unit Processes in the Manufacture of Bulk Drugs and Intermediates by Dr A V Rama Rao; Chapter 12: Clean Process Options: Technological Challenges by Dr A A Khan. Part VI: SMEs in Bulk Drug Sector: Technological Upgradation for Global Competitiveness Chapter 13: Cluster Servicing Approach for Technology Transfer to SMEs: An Indian Case Study by Dr K V Raghavan & Dr M Hari Babu; Chapter 14: Proactive Government Policies for Sustainable Growth Under a Competitive Regime by Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury. Part VII: Quality Management in Drugs and Pharmaceutical Sector (Advance in Instrumental Methods for Bulk Drug Characterisation) Chapter 15: New Drug Development: Pharmacological Screening and Preclinical Toxicity by Dr P V Diwan; Chapter 16: Clinical Evaluation Non-Invasive Clinical Pharmacodynamic Methods in Evaluation of Drug Effects by Dr Naidu; Chapter 17: Regulatory Aspects of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals: Trends and Challenges by Dr M Venkateswarlu. Part VIII: Fingerprinting of Herbal Drugs Chapter 18: Fingerprinting of Pharmacopoeia for Herbal Drugs by Dr I Sanjeeva Rao; Chapter 19: Good Manufacturing Practices in Drug Industry by Dr P S Ramanathan; Chapter 20: Drug Master Files by Dr R Nageswara Rao. Part IX: Country Status Report Chapter 21: Egypt: Current Standing of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Industry; Chapter 22: India: Drugs and Pharmaceutical: A Macro View; Chapter 23: Inodnesia: Developing Pharmaceuticals Suitable for Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries; Chapter 24: Iraq: Status of the Development of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Including R&D; Chapt