Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication in 2 Vols

by Darwin, Charles

ISBN: 9789354616099
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2023
Price : Rs. 34895.00
Biblio : xxviii+967p., 43 figs., 23 cm

About The Book

The object of this work is to describe as many races of animals and plants which have been domesticated by man. The sole aim of the author is to give under the head of each species only such facts as he has been able to collect, showing the amount and nature of the changes which animals and plants have undergone in man’s dominion. The subjects discussed in the work are so connected that it is not a little difficult to decide how they can best be arranged. In the First Volume, a large body of facts of the various animals and plants are given. The Second Volume has incorporated general discussions on them.

Table of Contents

Vol. 1 Contents Chapter 1: Domestic Dogs and Cats; Ancient varieties of the dog, Resemblance of domestic dogs in various countries to native canine species, Animals not acquainted with man at first fearless, Dogs resembling wolves and jackals, Habit of barking acquired and lost, Feral dogs, Tan-coloured eye-spots, Period of gestation, Offensive odour, Fertility of the races when crossed, Differences in the several races in part due to descent from distinct species, Differences in the skull and teeth, Differences in the body, In constitution, Few important differences have been fixed by selection, Direct action of climate, Water-dogs with palmated feet, History of the changes which certain english races of the dog have gradually undergone through selection, Extinction of the less improved sub-breeds, Cats, crossed with several species, Different breeds found only in separated countries, Direct effects of the conditions of life, Feral cats, Individual variability; Chapter 2: Horses and Asses; Horse- Differences in the breeds, Individual variability of, Direct effects of the conditions of life, Can with and much cold, Breeds much modified by selection, Colours of the horses, Dappling, Dark stripes on the spine, legs, shoulders and forehead, Dun-coloured horses most frequently striped, Stripes probably due to reversion to the primitive state of the horses, Asses- Breeds of, Colour of, Leg and shoulder-stripes, Shoulder-stripes sometimes absent, sometimes forked; Chapter 3: Pigs-Cattle-Sheet-Goats; Pigs- belong to two distinct types, Sus scrofa and indicus, Torfschwein, Japan pigs, Fertility of crossed pigs, Changes in the skull of the highly cultivated races, Convergence of character, Gestation, Solid-hoofed swine, Curious appendages to the jaws, Decrease in size of the tusks, Young pigs longitudinally striped, Feral pigs, Crossed breeds, Cattle- Zebu a distinct species, European cattle probably descended from three wild forms, All the races now fertile together, British park cattle, On the colour of the aboriginal species, Constitutional differences, South african races, South american races, Niata cattle, Origin of the various races of cattle, Sheep- Remarkable races of, Variations attached to the male sex, Adaptations to various conditions, Gestation of, Changes in the wool, Semi-monstrous breeds, Goats-Remarkable variations of; Chapter 4: Domestic Rabbits; Domestic rabbits descended from the common wild rabbit, Ancient domestication, Ancient selection, Large lop-eared rabbits, Various breeds, Fluctuating characters, Origin of the himalayan breeds, Curious case of inheritance, Feral rabbits in jamaica and the falkland island, Porto santo feral Rabbits, Osteological characters, Skull, Skull of half-lop rabbits, Variations in the skull analogous to differences in different species of hares, Vertebre, Sternum, Scapula, Effects of use and disuse on the proportions of the limbs and body, Capacity of the skull and reduced size of the brain, Summary on t