Appropriate Technologies for North East India

by Murty, U.S.N.

ISBN: 9789354615320
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Imprint : Associated Publishing Company
Year : 2023
Price : Rs. 8495.00
Biblio : vii+234p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm

Author Profile

Prof. U S N Murty is a Chief Scientist heading Biology Division at the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad since 1984. His induction into the research journey on medical entomology was remarked by his association with a WHO program at Vector Control Research Centre (ICMR), Pondicherry during 1981-83.

About The Book

This book covers most of the information on various technologies that are instrumental in the sustainable development of North East region. It is majorly intended for master’s, bachelor’s and doctoral students in biological sciences. The book contains 11 chapters describing vital information on agriculture, health, geosciences, rural development in NE region so that many young researchers or entrepreneurs can look into further exploration of any of the technologies further for a small scale business that will certainly help local population for self employment and income generation.