All About Earthworms

by Kumar, Mahendra

ISBN: 9789354615245
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Imprint : Krishi Gyan Ganga
Year : 2023
Price : Rs. 2895.00
Biblio : xii+72 p., figs., tabls., 25 cm

Author Profile

Mahendra Kumar obtained post-graduation in Leather Technology from the University of Madras, in the year 1958, Mr. Kumar joined the Research and Testing Laboratory connected with R&D on leather, at Kanpur for a period of around two years. He then shifted to be the Chief Technician of two tanneries of M/S T. Abdul Wahid engaged in the traditional process of vegetable tanning called “East India Tanning” for a period of little more than two years before joining at Central Leather Research Institute, Madras as Senior Scientific Research Assistant in the area of Animal Byproducts Utilization. He worked on the development of technologies for use of the available animal based raw materials for the prevailing conditions in developing countries-India in particular. He also developed a rendering technology called “Semi-moist Rendering” for use of fallen stock and animal by-products to be suitable for small throughputs and for the conditions prevailing in most of the developing countries. This book apart, he authored four books on animal waste utilisation, two of which have been published outside India. He has also written two books on semi-moist rendering, one on yogic exercises and his own memoirs. Mr. Kumar has also travelled widely to visit organizations connected with the use of animal wastes in Europe, Canada, United States Of America, New Zealand and many others. He has also undergone training in the area of animal byproducts utilization in Australia under Commonwealth Fellowship Programme. Mr. Kumar retired in the year 1994 as Scientist G, which is equivalent to the post and grade of the Director of the Institute.

About The Book

Vast information is available in the literature on the subject on any aspect of life of earthworms. However, the information is widely scattered and it takes quite long time and effort to dig the information. In this write-up, an attempt has been made to fill up this gap. There are nine chapters in the book with topics like common traits of earthworms, dissimilar characteristics of earthworms, attributes of earthworms, life of earthworms, vermicomposting, vermiwash, vermicompost tea and fortified vermi tea. The last chapter “return to virginity” discusses ways and means to revive back the lost fertility of the soil over the time and the role of earthworms can play in this endeavor. Appropriate references have been quoted to enable the reader to reach to the related links. Utmost care has been taken about the accuracy of the information presented in the write-up.