Glimpses of Indian Veterinary Science

by Verma, Rishendra

ISBN: 9789354615061
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2023
Price : Rs. 5295.00
Biblio : vii+143p., bib., ind., 23 cm

About The Book

Infromation about the Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry is required by many people viz: veterinary pracitioners, researchers, teachers and students of veterinary medicine. India occupies an important place in the history of veterinary science. It is therefore apt to have a ready reckoning information of this vast subject in an useful a manner. This book is an elegant source of information about etymology of veterinary, blue cross society, stepwise pre and post-independence development of veterinary science, research and education in the country. It also provides information on important bodies, academies, institutes, universities, colleges, veterinary societies, journals and important publications. No doubt, this publication will fulfill the long gap for not having any such publication. This unique publication is a judicious approach of the author to gather vast information, obviously by doing work with constant persuation and perseverence. It is hoped this book will attract attention of readers both at home and abroad and will be of great interest to them.

Table of Contents

Contents Chapter 1: The etmyology of “Veterinary”; Chapter 2: Blue Cross; Chapter 3: Veterinary Science; Chapter 4: International organisations; Chapter 5: National bodies; Chapter 6: Academies; Chapter 7: Research institutes; Chapter 8: Institutes other than the ICAR; Chapter 9: Veterinary universities; Chapter 10: Veterinary colleges; Chapter 11: Veterinary associations; Chapter 12: Journals and other periodicals; Chapter 13: Academy, ICAR and society awards; Chapter 14: Veterinary biological institutes; Chapter 15: Veterinarians and veterinary service; Chapter 16: Country’s livestock and poultry; Chapter 17: Veterinary libraries; Chapter 18: Publications.