Advances in Zoology, Environmental Degradation and Biodiversity

by Singh, B. K. & B. N. Pandey

ISBN: 9789354615009
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2023
Price : Rs. 10195.00
Biblio : xvii+291p., figs., plts., 25 cm

About The Book

The book incorporates the latest trend in zoology in India and covers all major topics of animal science viz., fish and fisheries, entomology, parasitology, cytogenetics, genetical engineering, physiology and biochemistry, toxicology, environmental science, wildlife and biodiversity. Each chapter is fully illustrated and referenced and will prove invaluable not only for specialist of particular area but also for zoologists, biologists and young research workers of India.

Table of Contents

Contents Section I: Fish & Fisheries; Piscine specialised branchial cells and their physiological significance by Jagdish Ojha, Comparative micro-architecture of intestinal epithelia of some indian freshwater teleosts: A scanning electron microscopic study by G M Sinha, An overview of the fish diversity of chatla haor floodplain lake in cachar district of Assam with a note on their sustainable harvest and conservation by Devashish Kar & M H Barbhuiya, Histopathological changes in gills associated with urea poisoning in air-breathing fish, channa-punctatus (Bloch) by N P Sah & G K Thakur; Section II: Parasitology; A review and assessment of the synonymy of certain species of the genus ganeo (Trematoda) by H C P Sah & Umapati Sahay, A discussion on the synonymy of T mehrai Rai, 1962; T vitelloconfluentum Rai, 1962 with T ranarum Mehra et Negi, 1926 by H C P Sah & Umapati Sahay; Section III: Entomology; Neuroendocrine glands of labidura riparia pallas (Dermaptera) with special reference to the brain neurosecretory cells and their neurosecretory pathways in adult insects by B K Singh & R Nath, Biological control of insect pests in horticultural fields of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh by K R Singh, Study on the prospect of tasar Silkworm culture in some unexplored areas in central Bihar by K B Sharma & Praveen Kumar, Antheraea mylitta (Saturniidae: ledidoptera) larvae and humidity by A K Tripathi, Seema Rani & Sheela Singh, Histological observations of brain neurosecretory cells in diapausing pupae of tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta (Lepidoptera: saturniidae) by N K Maharaj & B K Singh, Gut content analysis of corixa distorta (Heteroptera) by B P Yadav, s P Singh, Om Prakash & S N Singh, Host plants of aphids (Homoptera: alphididae) from Ranchi district of chotanagar plateau (Bihar) by Y G Jha; Studies on the consumption of leaves of different food plants by different ecoraces of tropical tasar silkworm, antheraea mylitta D by N G Ojha, S Rai & P N Pandey, Estimation of uric acid in tubular and rectal fluid of insects inhabiting different niches by D Dadel, K N dubey, S P Singh & P N Pandey, Efficacy of black pepper (Piper nigrum L) as pesticide on rhizopertha dominica (F) in stored wheat by Gopal Krishna Tripathi & Ajit Kumar Verma, Studies on blood sucking behaviour of culex fatigans (Wied) by A K Singh, D N P Singh & S N Singh, Rhopalocera of Jaipur region: Biodiversity & status by M M Trigunayat & N P Singh, Neem (Azadirachta indica) as an ecologically safer potential insecticide for pest control in the future by S C Singh, Studies on the food and food preference in platycorynus peregrinus (Coleoptera: chrysomelidae) by Purushottam Prasad & B K Singh, Effect of different colours on the selection of oviposition site by musca domestica nebulo by S K Singh, B K Singh & S N P Yadav; Section IV: Physiology & Biochemistry; Further Studies on hemolymph vitellogenin synthesis of intersex (ix) mutant of drosophila melanogaster by R N Chatterjee, M Acharyya & M