Fruit Marketing in India

by Raju, M S Senam

ISBN: 9789354614958
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2023
Price : Rs. 8095.00
Biblio : xviii+213p., bib., ind., 23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. M.S. Senam Raju, Former Director, Academic Coordination Division and Director, IGNOU, Center for ODL for Research and Training in Agriculture.

About The Book

India, which is enodwed with agro climatic conditions, rich soil and plentiful water, making it suitable for growing of fruits and vegetables etc. India is the largest producer of fruit in the world. Infact, fruit production could be increased more profitably than most of agricultural produce. The book presented a detailed study as problems and prospects of fruit marketing with specific reference to Mango and Banana fruits. This book gives a good account of the different aspects of fruit production and marketing viz., (i) Suitable climate and soil condition required for growing output trends, (ii) Channels of distribution, (iii) Role of middleman, (iv) Price Fixing Methods, (v) Performance of both regulated and unregulated markets, (vi) Prospects export markets for the fruits, (vii) Problems of growers and many other important aspects on fruit marketing.

Table of Contents

Contents Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Economics and Prospects of Fruits Growing; Profile of the State, Production Trends, Economics of Fruit Production, Chapter 3: Institutional Role in Development of Fruit Industry; Functioning of the Machineries, Awareness of Fruit Growers, Chapter 4: Fruit Marketing Mechanism and Performance; Fruit Marketing System, Stage of Fruit Marketing, Trends in Fruit Marketing, Problems in Fruit Marketing, Chapter 5: Pricing Mechanism and Prospects of Fruit Marketing; Price Fixing Methods, Marketing Margins of Growers and Middlemen, Chapter 6: Conclusions and Suggestions.