Advances in Phycology

by Verma, B.N., A N Kargupta & S.K. Goyal

ISBN: 9789354614903
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Imprint : Associated Publishing Company
Year : 2023
Price : Rs. 14195.00
Biblio : xiii+392p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm

Author Profile

Prof. B.N. Verma is associated with the post-graduate research and teaching Botany for the last over 27 years. He is well known for his contributions in the field of algal cytogenetics, limnology, extrametabolites of algae, allelopathy and interaction between plant parasitic nematodes and algae. <BR> Dr. A.N. Kargupta has been teaching and guiding research in Botany for the last over 20 years. He is the receipient of prestigious career award of the University Grants Commision. <BR> Dr. S. K. Goyal has been working at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, on utilization of microalgae for ecological and economic benefits since 1961.

About The Book

The textual contents deal with the existent natural diversity amongst algae and emphasize the necessity of generating reliable ecological and physiological database for their optimum utilization in human welfare. Different aspects of cyanobacterial ecology including their symbiotic relationship, enduring desiccation, tolerating heavy metal and salt stress and allelopathic interactions have been comprehensively discussed. <BR> Biomonitoring and bioremediation of an aquatic ecosystem using algae has emerged as an economical and reliable method. Overviews on the interesting Prochlorophyta, biology of the genus Stigeoclonium, morphogenesis of tapered cynobacteria, polymorphism in Desmids, perspective in conjugation in Zygnemataceae, and morphology, cytotaxonomy and evolution of some oogamous green algal groups like Oedogoniales and Charaes, are aimed at providing relevant information to those dealing with basic Phycology.