Current and Emerging Trends in Aquaculture

by Thomas, P. C.

ISBN: 9789354613586
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2023
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About The Book

A national seminar on “Current and Emerging Trends in Aquaculture and its Impact on Rural Development” was organised in the Collage of Fisheries, OUAT from 14-16 February, 1995 in collaboration with the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Kauslyaganga, Bhubaneswar and Directorate of Fisheries, Govt. of Orissa. About 165 papers were presented in the seminar by Scientists in various sessions such as Aquafarming systems, Seed production technology, Biotechnology in Aquaculture, Nutrition and feed technology, Fish health management, Aquaculture economics, Aquaculture extension, Aquaculture policy and environmental issues and Aquaculture entrepreneurship in rural development and the role of NGOs. Full text of papers accepted by the referees are included in the present volume. The seminar was conducted at a time when the aquaculture enterprise was at croos roads— a relatively ecofriendly enterprise concerned with the production of protein rich food was labelled as a disastrous venture, polluting the environment and harming the society— particularly people belonging to the lower strata, living in the coastal fishing villages. The seminar was organised with a view to critically examine this matter and to suggest measures to mitigate the negative impacts. What are the emerging trends in Aquaculture? Are the emerging technological economically viable, environmentally friendly, socially acceptable to have long term sustainability? the papers presented in the seminar and its recommendations with throw some light on these questions. The book deals with Aquafarming systems, Seed production technology, Biotechnology, Nutrition and feed technology, Fish health management, Economics, Aquaculture policy and environmental issues etc.

Table of Contents

Contents: Part I: Inaugural Session; Presidental address by Professor K Pradhan, Vice Chancellor, OUAT, Inaugural address by H E Governor of Orissa & Chancellor, OUAT, Key note address on Emerging Trends in Aquaculture by Dr P V Dehadrei, Deputy Director General, ICAR, Part II: Aqua Farming System; Chapter 1: Microbiological Studies for Sustained Aqua-farming Practices by S Ayyappan, Chapter 2: Prospects of Aquaculture Development in the Loktak Lake of Manipur by H Tombi Singh, Chapter 3: Salinity Effect on Growth of Some Important Penaeid Prawns of Ratnagiri by A S Pawase & Shakuntaka Shenoy, Chapter 4: Influence of Domestic Sewage on Fish and Incidence of Microbial Population by M L Bhowmick et al, Chapter 5: Utilisation of Shaded and Uncared Pond Dykes for Farming of Medicinal and Creeper Plants by S P Rai et al, Chapter 6: Experimental Study on the Extent of Variation in Aquacultural Experiments by A K Roy et al, Chapter 7: Aquacropping Pattern in Sewage-based Paddy Plots by A K Datta et al, Chapter 8: Studies on the Effectiveness of Different Micronutrient Formulations on Planktonic Diversity and Growth by G C Rana et al, Chapter 9: Effects of Water Qualities and Biogenic Capacities on Fish Growth in Freshwater Ponds of Barrackpore (West Bengal) by Poonam Prakash, Chapter 10: Culture of Giant Freshwater Prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii: A Case Study by C Vasudevappa et al, Chapter 11: Experimental Farm Trial on Penaeus merguiensis in Ratnagiri (Konkan Maharashtra) by A S Pawase & Shakuntala Shenoy, Chapter 12: Amphibians of Bhopal Division of Western Madhya Pradesh & Prospects of their Culture by K K Tiwari et al, Part III: Seed Production Technology; Chapter 13: Emerging Technologies in the Seed Production in Clarias batrachus (Magur) by G R M Rao, Chapter 14: Carp Seed Raising in Small Backyard and Kitchen Ponds: A Profitable Technology Package for Tribal Women by J K Jena et al, Chapter 15: An Economic Technique for Sustained Culture of Brine Shrimp, Artemia salina for Small Scale Hatchery Use by S K Majumdar, Chapter 16: A Case Study of Recycling of Water in Carp Hatchery at CIFA Kausalyaganga by S C Rath et al, Chapter 17: Effect of Total Alkalinity of Water on Carp Seed Production by S D Gupta et al, Chapter 18: On Improved Methods of Major Carp Brood Stock Maintenance in the Fish Seed Farms by G A Shirgur & R P Rajam, Chapter 19: Prawn Seed Resources of South Konkan Coast (Maharashtra State, West Coast of India) by K J Chaudhari & D R Jalihal, Chapter 20: Preparation of Wet Lab and Nursery Ponds for Rearing Spawn of Fullsib Groups to Raise Fry/Fingerlings for Selective Breeding of Rohu `Labeo rohita (Ham)’ by J N Saha et al, Chapter 21: Carp Sapwn Production in Sarakana Village: An Emerging Rural Trade by Radheyshyam and S K Sarkar, Chapter 22: A Note on the Breeding Performance of Farm and River Stocks of Rohu, Labeo rohita (Hamilton) for Selection Purpose by Smita Lenka et al, Chapter 23: Emerging Technologies in the Seed Production