Trends in Wildlife Biodiversity Conservation and Management in 2 Vols

by Hosetti, B. B. & M. Venkateswaralu

ISBN: 9789354613043
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2022
Price : Rs. 25595.00
Biblio : lxii+668p., figs., tables, bib., ind., 23 cm

About The Book

This book “Trends in Wildlife Biodiversity and Conservation and Management” has been edited in two volume, on most important aspects of wildlife. It contain 32 chapter contributed by many eminent scientists, officers and teachers from India and United Kingdom. Volume 1 contains information on the topics namely: Status of wildlife management in India, Karnataka, Bhadra wild life sanctuary in the Western Ghats, Parental care in asiatic elephants, Territory protection and scent marking in big cats, Child lifting wolves, Medicinal smuggling for tiger bones, Acoustic communication in anurans, Conflicts between man and elephants, Protection strategies for migratory birds, Mugger crocodiles of Dandell WLS, and Ornamental orchids of India. The Volume 2 comprises information on Basic concepts of biodiversity, Biodiversity of Drosophila, Ants in the Western Ghats, Biodiversity of hillstream fishes of Srinagar Garhwal-Himalaya, Medicinal plants of Western Ghats, Ecology of endangered Gangaitic dolphin, Problems and perspective of avian and vertebrate pest management, Deforestation problems in Santhal Pargana, Siberian cranes, Bird census methods and Role of Zoo’s National Parks and Sanctuaries in the conservation and management of wildlife in India. These books apart from providing good references, these also serve as a guide and inspire future research on wildlife. The students, teachers, scientists and forest officers are expected to find this as a very useful source, in the field of wildlife studies.

Table of Contents

Vol 1 Chapter 1: Status of Wildlife Management in India: An Overview by B B Hosetti and Gina Caplen, Chapter 2: Wildlife Management in Karnataka: An Appraisal by Venkateshwarlu, M, Chapter 3: Conservation and Management of Wildlife in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka by Gina Caplen and Frost S, Chapter 4: Capative Breeding of Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus): The Importance of Producing Socially Competent Animals by Paul A Rees, Chapter 5: Scent Marketing by Big Cats: Chemical Communication and Eco-ethological Implications by R L Brahmachari, Chapter 6: Child Lifting Wolves in India: A Strategy for Their Management and Control by Kishan Singh Rajpurohit, Chapter 7: Prospects and Perspectives of Project Tiger in India by B B Hosetti and B C Somanath, Chapter 8: Acoustic Communication in Indian Anurans by Ravishankar D Kanamadi, Chapter 9: Conflicts Between Man and Elephants by B B Hosetti, Chapter 10: Conservation and Management Strategy for the Water Flows of Minor Irrigation Tank Habitats and Their Importance as Stopover Sites in Dharwad District by J C Uttangi, Chapter 11: The Re-introduction of the Wolf (Canis lupus) and the Beaver (Castor fiber) into Scotland by Arjuna Korale and Stan Frost, Chapter 12: Ecology of Marsh Crocodile Crocodylus palustris in the Kali River of Western Ghat, Dandeli, Karnataka by S Basavarajappa, Chapter 13: Eco Biology of Weaver Brid Ploceus philippinus in the Western Ghat Area of B R Project by K L Naik and B B Hosetti, Chapter 14: Eco-ornithological Studies on Gudavi Bird Sanctuary Shimoga, Karnataka by B B Hosetti, Somanath B C and K L Naik, Chapter 15: Eco-biology of a Pentatomid Bug Cyclopelta cissifolia W. by B B Hosetti and Naveed A, Chapter 16: Ecology and Widlife Status of Orchids by Sulabha Phatak. Vol II Chapter 17: Biodiversity: An Introduction by Arvind N A and Dinesh Rao, Chapter 18: Biodiversity and Conservation of Ants: An Overview by T M Musthak Ali and A K Chakravarthy, Chapter 19: Biodiversity of Drosophila of South India by Hegde S N, Vasudev V and M S Krishna, Chapter 20: Biodiversity in Hillstream Fishes of Garhwal Himalaya: Their Food and Feeding Behaviour by N Singh and R Subbaraj, Chapter 21: Biodiversity of Threatened Species of Medicinal Plants in India: An Appraisal by P E Rajasekharan, Chapter 22: Ethological Studies of Dolpin (Platinista gangaitica) with Reference to Conservation Strategies by Arvind Kumar and A K Singh, Chapter 23: Impact of Deforestation on Wildlife Resources and their Conservation in Santal Pargana of Jharkhand Pradesh by P K Verma and Arvind Kumar, Chapter 24: Vertebrate Pest Management in Karnataka by A K Chakravarthy, Chapter 25: Shifting Cultivation (Jhooming) and Wildife Conservation: A Case Study from North-East India by A K Gupta, Chapter 26: Bird Depredation and Management in Karnataka by A K Chakravarthy, Chapter 27: Dooming Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary (MBS) Karnataka by M Venkteshwarlu and D C Savita, Chapter 28: The Conflicts Between Man and Birds by B