Textbook of Ichthyology

by Pandey, K C & Nirupama Agrawal

ISBN: 9789354613029
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2022
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Author Profile

The Authors —————— Professor K.C. Pandey Ph.D, DSc (Lucknow University) has a research experience in Zoology of about 55 years and teaching (U.G. and P.G.) career of more than five decades. The contribution of Prof. Pandey is notable in the field of Fish, Fisheries and Helminthology. To date, he has published by himself and with co-authors more than 200 scientific papers along with three monographs He has been conferred with fellowship of different scientific bodies and Gold Medals, namely B. S. Chauhan Gold Medal, Bhalerao Gold Medal, Indian Society of Life Science Gold Medal, Indian Society of Bioscience Gold Medal and Dorab Jee Tata Gold Medal in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field. He is the past President of Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkatta. He has served as the Recorder and the President of the section of Zoology, Entomology and Fisheries of the Indian Science Congress Association. He has also participated in a number of national and international symposia/conferences and has organized more than a dozen national symposia. He has made several scientific visits to foreign countries on their invitatation, including a nomination by the Indian National Science Academy to visit Czechoslovakia. Prof. Pandey has worked continuously for the growth and development of Science and Technology at the State and National Levels. He is on the committee of different national funding agencies, and is a member of various academic bodies of the University and Non-University sectors. During his administrative tenure as the Dean, Faculty of Science at the Lucknow and Meerut Universities and as the Vice- Chancellor of Choudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, he promoted the education and research in such areas of Science and Technology which could cater to the growing needs of state population On 3rd January’2011, at SRM University, Chennai, in the 98th Inaugural Session of Indian Science Congress Association (the largest scientific forum of the country), as its General President, Prof. Pandey emphasised on “Quality Education and Excellence in Scientific Research in Indian Universities” and was acclaimed by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Hon’ble Human Resource Development Minister, Senior Scientists, Nobel Laureates and other dignitaries. Professor Nirupama Agrawal Ph.D., D.Sc. (Lucknow University) has a teaching (U.G. and P.G.) and research experience in Zoology of about 45 years. Having a throughout first class carrier, she has received Prof. K.N. Bahl Gold Medal of Lucknow University for securing highest percentage of marks in M.Sc. She is also recipient of several awards like Merit award of Helminthological Society of India, Bhalerao Gold Medal (2000) of Zoological Society of India, Prof. G.K. Manna Memorial Award of ISCA (2010-11) and Prof. G.S. Thapar Award of Helminthological Society of India (2015). She was Head of the Department of Zoology for 5 years and Dean Faculty of Sciences at Lucknow University. Prof. Agrawal has several original contributions. She has supervised 31 Ph.D. students and published about 200 research papers in leading Indian and overseas journals and has written three monographs. She has widely travelled and presented her research work in various National and International Conferences, throughout the world and has organized more than a dozen national symposia. She is also associated with various academic societies. She has served as the Recorder and the President of the section of Zoology, Entomology and Fisheries of the Indian Science Congress Association. She was also elected Executive and Council member of ISCA. She is presently UGC-Emeritus Fellow in the department. Her fields of interest are Helminthology and Fisheries.

About The Book

Ichthyology describes all aspects of fish from their classification, behavior, diversity, ecology, habits and uses. In the present book the whole subject matter has been divided into thirty chapters which includes introduction, classification, agnatha, class cyclostomes, super class gnathostomata, class elasmobranhi, subclass bradyodonti,classosteichtyes, subclass crossopterygii, order dipnoi, body shape and size, tegument, scales, colouration, fin, muscles and locomotion, skeletal system, food and feeding habits and alimentary canal, respiratory system, blood vascular system, swim bladder, weberian ossicles, nervous system, endocrine organ, exrecretory system, reproductive system, parental care, fish migration, special characters and adaptation in fishes.This textbook is primarily intended as a textbook for UG and PG courses of zoology, aquaculture and fisheries of Indian Universities. This publication would fulfill the needs of students, teachers, researchers, extension workers, zoologists, aquaculturists, technocrats, limnologists, aquatic ecologists, fisheries and marine biologists as well as by those who are engaged in commercial exploration of aquaculture and fisheries.

Table of Contents

Preface vii 1. Introduction 1 2. Classification 5 3. Super Class: Agnatha (Ostracoderms and Cyclostomes) 13 4. Super Class: Agnatha–Living Agnathans, Cyclostomata 21 5. Super Class: Gnathostomata 51 6. Class: Elasmobranchii 59 7. Sub Class: Bradyodonti 105 8. Class: Osteichthyes 117 9. Sub Class: Crossopterygii 189 10. Order: Dipnoi 199 11. Body Shape, Size and some Salient Features 219 12. Tegument 227 13. Scales 233 14. Colouration 245 15. Fins 251 16. Muscles and Locomotion 265 17. Skeletal System 275 18. Food, Feeding Habits and Alimentary Canal 297 19. Respiratory System 317 20. Blood Vascular System 337 21. Swim Bladder 361 22. Weberian Ossicles 375 23. Nervous System 387 24. Sense Organs 405 25. Endocrine System 439 26. Excretory System and Osmoregulation 455 27. Reproductive System and Development 469 28. Parental Care 489 29. Fish Migration 499 30. Special Features 509 Index 547