Commercial Plant Breeding

by Singh, Phundan & Pratibha Bisen

ISBN: 9789354612336
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2022
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Author Profile

Dr Phundan Singh graduated in Agriculture from Agra University, Agra and obtained his Master and Doctorate degrees from Kanpur University, Kanpur in Genetics and Plant Breeding. Dr P. Singh has total experience of more than 40 years in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetics. He has served at the Central Institute for Cotton Research [CICR], Nagpur for about 32 years in various capacities such as Scientist, Senior Scientist, Principal Scientist, Head of Division and Director. He has 300 publications to his credit. He has authored 60 books, 18 technical bulletins and contributed 14 chapters in various books. He is an Expert member of Selection Committees and M. Sc. and Ph.D. Examiner in different Agricultural Universities. He received lifetime achievements award from CRDA in 2018. He has visited several countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, Uzbekistan, Canada and USA. Dr (Mrs.) Pratibha Bisen belongs to a farming family of Balaghat District of Madhya Pradesh. She obtained her B. Sc. (Ag.), M. Sc. (Ag.) and Ph.D Degrees from JNKVV, Jabalpur. Her specialization is in Plant Breeding and Genetics. Dr Pratibha Bisen has 14 Research papers besides 4 book chapters and two training Manuals to her credit. She has five years of teaching and research experience. She has participated and presented 15 research papers in various National and International Symposia and Conferences.

About The Book

This book has been designed to covers the undergraduate syllabus of Commercial Plant Breeding as per 5th Dean Committee report of ICAR. The subject matter has been presented through fifteen chapters and three parts to clearly specify the different topics for convenience of the readers. The first introductory part briefly explains modes of reproduction in crop plants, types of improved seed, development of inbred lines, development of hybrids using A, B and R lines and variety release procedure. The second part seed production, certification and testing describes principles of quality seed production, hybrid seed production in field and vegetable crops, seed certification, testing seed quality and maintenance breeding. The third part of the book have been dedicated to principles of DUS testing, PPV and FR Act 2001, intellectual property rights and alternative strategies for line and cultivar development. Related terminology has been given at the end for ready reference. Hope, this volume would be useful to the students, teachers and researchers engaged in the field of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Seed Technology.

Table of Contents

Preface vii Syllabus [As per 5th Dean Committee Report of ICAR] xv Part I: Introductory Chapters 1. Modes of Reproduction in Crop Plants 3 2. Types of Improved Seed 15 3. Development of Inbred Lines 25 4. Development of Hybrids using A, B and R Lines 33 5. Variety Release Procedure 39 Part. II: Seed Production, Certification and Testing 6. Principles of Quality Seed Production 49 7. Hybrid Seed Production: Field Crops 55 8. Hybrid Seed Production: Vegetable Crops 65 10. Testing Seed Quality 85 11. Maintenance Breeding 97 Part III: Miscellaneous Topics 12. Principles of DUS Testing 107 13. PPV AND FR ACT 2001 115 14. Intellectual Property Rights 121 15. Alternative Strategies for Line and Cultivar Development Appendices 145 Glossary 161 References 189 Books by the Senior Author 191 Index 195