Aquatic Food Safety and Quality Management

by Felix, S, B Ahilan, S Balasundari & F Parthiban

ISBN: 9789354612121
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2022
Price : Rs. 7795.00
Biblio : 2018, xivv+206p., figs., tbls., 25cm

Author Profile

Mr. F Parthiban is the Assistant Professor of Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University, Nagapattinam. He has 10 years of fisheries industrial experience as managers in aquaculture, fish processing, and quality control at Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Tanzania and 4 years of experience in teaching, research and extension programmes. He has successfully completed internal auditor and lead auditor courses for Food Safety Management System, ISO 22000:2005. He has good expertise in aquatic food processing, aquatic food safety and quality. He has published research and extension articles in national and international journal. Dr. S Balasundari is working at Fisheries College and Research Institute of Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University, Nagapattinam at Ponneri as Professor and Head, Department of Fish Processing Technology, having 25 years of professional experience that includes her service in fish processing industries, ARS and SAU. She served as a production executive in Seafood Processing and Export Companies for three years, possessing sound knowledge on processing and export of shrimp, crab, lobster, squid, cuttlefish and finfish. Dr. B Ahilan, is working as Dean in charge at Fisheries College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University, Nagapattinam Ponneri. He did his Ph.D., in Aquaculture and has put up a total service of 28 years in the University. He has received Best Teacher Award sponsored by PFGF, Mumbai. He has a total of 276 publications to his credit which includes 84 research articles, 144 popular articles, 9 text books, 14 manuals and 25 pamphlets. Dr. S Felix is Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalitha Fisheries University at Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu. He holds more than 34 years of teaching and research experience. He is pioneer in develop and introduction of Race Way culture technology in India. Dr. Felix is credited with 10 patents published on various aquaculture technologies. He is currently the President (elect.) of World Aquaculture Society (Asia Pacific Chapter). He has published 15 textbooks, 50 manuals and over 150 research papers and report.

About The Book

This book gives the general introduction about quality and quality parameters of fish and fishery products. This explains the quality and safety problem associated with seafood industry and their assessment. This book gives details on various standards applicable for export of fish and fishery products. The quality of affluent and treatment of effluent water of seafood Industry was explained with different mechanism. The concept of Total Quality Management in relation with HACCP concept and pre requisite program such as GMP and GHP explained with examples. This book gives importance of overall food safety and quality system through an adequate and appropriate understanding of the quality and safety parameters by all the stakeholders in the food chain.

Table of Contents

Foreword v Message vii Preface ix 1. Introduction 2. Quality Problems in Seafood Industry 3. Quality Assessment of Fish and Fishery Products 4. Concept of Quality Management 5. Process Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment