Marketing Management

by Kumar, Satinder & Manoj Bansal

ISBN: 9789354610776
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Imprint : Associated Publishing Company
Year : 2022
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Author Profile

Dr. Satinder Kumar is best known for his work on Digital Marketing. He has qualified two times UGC-NET and done Doctoral degree in the area of "Ethical Issues in E-Marketingn.He has been an Assistant Professor in the area of Marketing at School of Management Studies (SMS) since 2009, prior to joining SMS, he was APC (General) in Education Department where he served for five years. He has published more than 40 articleslresearch papers in a wide range of leading management and psychology journals including journal of Tourism Management (ABDC classified, A* category), Heliyon, IIM Shilong, IJBG, Abhigyan (FORE School of Management), Paradigm (IMT Gaaziabad), IIT and many more renowned journals. He Got Best Paper Award in IIM Indore, NASMEI Summer Marketing Conference 2019. He has participated in various FDPs and workshops & presented papers at National and International conferences1Seminars including IIM Indore, IIM Tiruchirappalli, IIM kashipur, IIT Delhi, AGBA at Indonesia, Narsee Monjee institute of Management Studies (Hyderabad) and many more renowned Institutes. He is on Panel of ABDC, lnderscience and Scopus indexed journals as Reviewer and Research Advisor. Manoj Bansal is an Assistant Professor in Commerce at University Centre for Distance Learning (UCDL) of Chaudhary Devi Lal University Sirsa (Haryana).He is also the Course Coordinator of B.Com in the universitiy's distance programmes. He has a significant professional carrier in Commerce and management with major qualifications such as M.Com, M.Phil, UGC-NET \ MBA, Ph.D (Pursuing). He has published about 17 research papers in reputed national and international journals including 10 papers presented in various conferences and seminars. He has also edited two books. Prior to C.D.L.U., he has worked with M.M.P.G.College, Fatehabad and J.C.D. Vidyapeeth, Sirsa.

About The Book

Marketing orientation is an essential for the success of business organisation, as marketing has become cumbersome in competitive era. Fundamental understanding of marketing principals and marketing techniques help the business organisation to have the consumer acceptance and loyalty profitably. Understanding of marketing is also essential for the consumer to take right buying decision at right time. The present book is a sincere effort to provide through understanding of conceptual base of marketing to the readers. It covers a wide range of topics relevant to marketing and promotion of products. It focuses on the importance of marketing for the marketers. Depending upon the present era or market the focus has been given on Marketing Philosophies, Marketing Mix, Product & Services, Consumers Behaviour, Branding, Advertising, etc. Caselet has been developed in the beginning and case studies in the end of the chapters. The Learning objectives provide the outline to the chapter detail and summery put the chapter detail in nutshell. Multiple choice, short questions and long questions during the chapters helps in quick revision of the developed topics. The objective of the book is to through knowledge about the numerous dimensions of marketing in a systematic manner. We hope our efforts would help all those who are desirous to have marketing knowledge

Table of Contents

Preface v 1. Introduction to Marketing 1 1.1 Aims and Objectives 1.2 Introductory Caselet 1.3 Introduction 1.4 What do we mean by Marketing? 1.5 Ten types of Offerings 1.6 Marketing Concepts 1.7 A Historical Perspective 1.8 Comparison of Marketing Orientation with other orientations 1.9 Case Study 1.10 Summary/Let us sum up 1.11 Keywords 1.12 Descriptive Questions with Hints for Answers 2. Understanding the Marketing Process: Marketing Mix 25 2.1 Aims and Objectives 2.2 Introductory Caselet 2.3 Introduction 2.4 Differentiation among few concepts 2.5 Marketing as an Exchange Process 2.6 Marketing Management Process 2.7 Marketing Mix 2.8 Developing Marketing Orientation 2.9 Case Study 2.10 Summary/Let us sum up 2.11 Keywords 2.12 Descriptive Questions with Hints for Answers 3. Marketing Concepts, Customer Value and Satisfaction 47 3.1 Aims and objectives 3.2 Introductory Caselet 3.3 Introduction 3.4 Customer Value 3.5 Customer Satisfaction 3.6 Customer Delight 3.7 Monitoring and Measuring customer Satisfaction 3.8 Delivering Customer Value 3.9 Value Chain 3.10 Case Study 3.11 Summary/Let us sum up 3.12 Keywords 3.13 Descriptive Questions with Hints for Answers 4. Marketing Enviornment: Impact on the Strategic Planning Process 65 4.1 Aims and Objectives 4.2 Introductory Caselet 4.3 Introduction 4.4 Competitive Environment 4.5 Macro Environment/External Environment 4.6 Environmental Scanning 4.7 Case Study 4.8 Summary/Let us sum up 4.9 Keywords 4.10 Descriptive Questions with Hints for Answers 5. Understanding Consumer Behaviour 81 5.1 Aims and Objectives 5.2 Introductory Caselet 5.3 Introduction 5.4 Consumer Behaviour 5.5 Different Types of Buying Motives 5.6 Different Buying Roles 5.7 Developing 7 O’s Framework for Understanding Consumer Behaviour 5.8 Classification of Buying Behaviour 5.9 Consumer’s Decision Process 5.10 Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour 5.11 Business Market versus Consumer Markets 5.12 Case Study 5.13 Summary/Let us sum up 5.14 Keywords 5.15 Descriptive Questions with Hints for Answers 6. Understanding Industrial Buyer Behavior 105 6.1 Aims and Objectives 6.2 Introductory Caselet 6.3 Introduction 6.4 Nature of Organizational Buyer Behavior 6.5 Analyzing Industry and Competition 6.6 Competitive Advantage 6.7 Buying Situations 6.8 Roles and Responsibilities of Buying Centres 6.9 Various Functional Departments in the Purchase Process 6.10 Organizational Buying Motives 6.11 Organizational Buying Decision Process 6.12 Influences on Buying Decisions 6.13 Case Study 6.14 Summary/Let us sum up 6.15 Keywords 6.16 Descriptive Questions with Hints for Answers 7. Marketing Strategy 125 7.1 Aims And Objectives 7.2 Introductory Caselet 7.3 Introduction 7.4 Planning – Designing the Blueprint for the Future 7.5 Characteristics of a Good Marketing Plan 7.6 Importance of Marketing Planning 7.7 Strategic Corporate Planning by Top Management 7.8 Vision by Top Management (Refer Page 288 Point 16-1) 7.9 Assigning Resources to each Strategic Business Unit 7.10 Strategic Planning at Business Unit Level 7.11 Designing an Overall Marketing Plan 7.12 Case Study