Animal Genetics and Breeding

by Tomar, Arun Kumar, Sukhvir Singh Tomar & Rajbeer Singh

ISBN: 9789351307587
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 14995.00
Biblio : xix+460p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm

Author Profile

"Dr. Arun Kumar is presently working as Principal Scientist (AGB) at Project Directorate of Cattle, Meerut (I.C.A.R.), has published some books & booklets and many research papers and has experience of editorial work in the capacity of Assistant Editor of Research Journal. <BR> Professor Sukhvir Singh Tomar is well qualified (Ph.D.), retired Principal Scientist (AGB) from N.D.R.I.,Karnal (I.C.A.R.) having 40 years of research and teaching experience, has published about 300 research articles and 3 text books on population genetics and animal breeding. <BR> Dr. Rajbeer Singh is presently working as Professor of Animal Science and Dean, College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, S.V.B.P. University of Agr. and Technology, Modipuram, Meerut. He has long experience of teaching to graduate and post-graduate classes. <BR> "

About The Book

"The preent book has been written with the objective to cover the syllabus of Courses prescribed at country level by V.C.I. and I.C.A.R. for B.V.Sc. & A.H students and for B.Sc. (Ag.) students of Indian Universities on Animal Genetics, Population Genetics and Animal Breeding, particularly in Indian context. Hope this book will be of great help and great use in general to all interested in the subject and particularly to the under-graduate and post-graduate students, to the teachers and for those who appear in All India Competitive Examination of JRF, SRF, NET, SET, and others. <BR> This book has covered all the topics of the subject of animal genetics and breeding prescribed in the syllabus. The entire subject matter has been spread over 27 chapters. The first 10 chapters of the book have been devoted to principles of Animal Genetics, next 9 chapters to Population Genetics concerning with the genetic structure of population for qualitative and quantitative characters and last 8 chapters to Animal Breeding covering the methods of exploitation of genetic variation for the genetic improvement of farm animals <BR> "

Table of Contents

Preface v Introduction xv PART I: GENETICS 1. History of Genetics and Animal Breeding 3-20 2. Mendel’s Law of Heredity 21-31 3. Multiple Alleles 32-42 4. Gene Expression (Action) 43-76 5. Linkage and Crossing Over 77-96 6. Sex Controlled Inheritance 97-109 7. Animal Cell and Cell Division 110-124 8. Chromosomes 125-135 9. Chromosomal Aberration 136-147 10. Molecular Genetics 148-172 Numerical Exercises 173-179 PART II POPULATION GENETICS 11. Genetic Structutre of Population 183-187 12. Hardy - Weinberg Law 188-202 13. Factors Affecting Gene Frequency 203-227 Numerical Solved Examples 228-235 14. Quantitative Inheritance 236-243 15. Determinants of Phenotypic Values 244-260 16. Components of Phenotypic Variance 261-276 17. Genetic Parameters: Heritability 277-286 18. Repeatability 287-293 19. Correlation Among Characters 294-299 Numerical Examples 300-310 PART III ANIMAL BREEDING 20. Economic Characters and Farm Records 313-330 21. Livestock Breeds 331-354 22. Conservation of Germplasm 355-358 23. Response to Selection 359-366 24. Bases of Selection 367-395 25. Mating Systems I. Inbreeding 396-414 26. Outbreeding 415-423 27. Breed Improvement and Development 424-444 Numerical Solved Problems 445-460