Advances in Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Biology Vol. 6

by Kaul Bansi Lal

ISBN: 9789351307518
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
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Biblio : xvi+179p., tabls., figs., 25cm

Author Profile

Dr. Bansi Lal Kaul is a noted teacher, researcher, administrator and author. He has to his credit over a hundred research and popular articles on ecology and biology of fishes, Himalayan ecology and wildlife. Besides havïng edited titles on Himalayan biodiversity, conservation and degradation of Himalayan environment, he is editing a series titled, "Advances in Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Biology". The present volume is the sixth in the series. Currently he is associated with "Solutions Exchange" programme of the United Nations in India. <BR> Dr. Anil K. Verma Associate Professer and Head, Faculty of Sciences, Government Post-Graduate Collège of Education, Jammu, J&K State did his M.Sc. Zoology in 1986. He was awarded M.Phil and Ph.D degrees by the University of Jammu, Jammu. Dr. Verma was elected a fellow of the Linnean Society of London in 2006. He has to his credit more than 70 research papers and review articles published in reputed journals.

About The Book

Advances in Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Biology Vol. 6 is an addition to the Series of the same name. Like the previous volumes this volume too has two sections- the first dealing with Fish and Limnology and the second with Wildlife. The first section includes some recent additions to our knowledge in reproductive biology and seed production in the giant fresh water prawn, influence of aquatic macrophytes on phytoplankton structure and fish communities in a shallow tropical lake in Brazil, Relation between zooplankton diversity and water quality of a reservoir, effect of nutrients on the growth of brood size of fish food organisms, limnology of a high altitude reservoir in Mexico, diel fluctuations of physico-chemical parameters and trophic status of lake Mansar, fish diversity in different lotic environments, fish parasites in marine and freshwater environments, inland fishery in rainfed areas of Jammu, urban impacts on water quality and macrobenthic invertebrate fauna of river Tawi and discovery of a new species of Myxidium. <BR> The second section includes some recent additions to our knowledge of anthropogenic influences on the birdlife in Kashmir, avian diversity of Eringole sacred grove in Western Ghats of Kerala, feeding and breeding biology of Brown Rockchat, feeding biology of Red Wattled Lapwing in Jammu, Status and conservation of Blackbuck in Odisha and wetland avifauna of a lake in Karnataka.

Table of Contents

"Editorial Board Preface Master Samsar Chand Koul – A Tribute List of Contributors SECTION-I: FISH AND LIMNOLOGY 1. Influence of aquatic macrophytes on the phytoplankton structure and fish communities in a shallow tropical reservoir. N.T. Chellappa, R.K. Oliveira, E.K.R. Pessoa and S. Chellappa 2. Comparative aspect of seed production of Macrobrachium gangeticum (Bate) in natural seawater and brine solution. Prasanti Mishra, D. R. Kananjia, K. Bohidar and A. K. Pandey 3. Inland fisheries in rainfed areas of Jammu (J&K State), India. B. L. Kaul and Rajesh Dogra 4. Water quality assessment of Santhekadur waterbody, Shimoga, Karnataka (India) with relation to its Zooplankton diversity. M. Venkateshwarlu, Shahnawaz Ahmed and K. Honneshappa 5. Limnology of experimental macrophyte floating islands in a high altitude reservoir (Valle de Bravo, Mexico). Pedro Ramirez-Garcia, S. Nandini, S.S.S. Sarma, Martha L. Gayten-Herrara and Victor M. Almeida 6. Effect of different nutrient media on the relative growth, brood size and population dynamics of Moina macrocopa. Satinder Kour 7. Fish diversity in a lotic environment, Munawar Tawi of Rajouri, J&K State. A.K. Verma, Raheela Mushtaq and Anuradha Gupta 8. Ornamental and food fish diversity of Tunga and Bhadra rivers, Western Ghats, Karnataka India. Shahnawaz Ahmed and M. Venkateshwarlu 9. On the Diel fluctuations of some physico-chemical parameters and tropic status of lake Mansar. Anil Khajuria 10. Zooplankton diversity of Sader Mouj reservoir Budgam District, Jammu and Kashmir. Ishrat Bashir, Md. Yousuf, Shahnawaz Ahmad and Shashikanth Majgi 11. A review of the fish parasites of Rion Grande do Norte, Northeastern Brazil. S. Challappa, E.T.S. Cavaleanti, E.F.S. Costa, G.S. Araujo, J.T.A Ximenes-Lima and N.T. Chellappa 12. On genus Myxidium Butschli 1882 and a new species Myxidium cholai from Puntius chola (Hamilton) Kanwar Narain, M.K. Raina and P.L. Koul) SECTION-II: WILDLIFE 13. Urban impacts on the water quality and the macrobenthicinvertebrate fauna of river Tawi, J&K State. Raheela Mushtaq and Anil K. Verma 14. Feathers are ruffled by winds of change in Kashmir. B.L. Kaul 15. Avian diversity of Eringole Sacred Grove in the Western ghats of Kerala. E.A. Jayson 16. Observations on feeding and breeding biology of the Brown Rock Chat Cercomela fusca (Blyth) in Jammu, J&K State, India B.L. Kaul 17. Status and conservation of endangered Blackbucks, Antilopa cervicapra of Odisha, India. Sudhakar Kar 18. The breeding biology of Red Wattled Lapwing Vanellus Indicus Indicus (Boddaert) Vasudha Chaudhari 19. Wetland Avifauna of Kundavada Lake, Davanagere Distt., Karanataka. M.N. Harisha, B.B. Hosetti and Shahnawaz Ahmed"