Handbook of Composite Organic Farming

by Panda, Himadri & Dharamvir Hota

ISBN: 9789351306160
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Imprint : Genetech
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 9995.00
Biblio : viii+280p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm

Table of Contents

Preface 1. Integrated Plant Nutrition System (IPNS): An Approach Towards Organic Farming 2. Preparation, Processing and Preservation of Organic Fertilizers 3. Development of Biofertilizers 4. Nitrogen Fixing Microorganisms: Symbiotic 5. Nitrogen Fixing Microorganisms: Asymbiotic 6. Crop Response to Biofertilizers 7. Soils and Plant Growth 8. Organic Matter 9. Pest Management in Organic Rice Fish System 10. Changing Concepts in the Residual Toxicity of Pesticides 11. Rice Diseases Under Organic Cultivation 12. Mycorrhizae in Transplanted Crops 13. Biochemical and Genetic Characterisation of Mineral Phosphate 14. Effect of Phosphobaterium 15. Inoculation of Phosphomicrobes 16. Phosphocompost from Neem 17. Cyanobacteria on Soil Characteristics 18. Crop Response to Algalization in Rice Variety 19. Biofertilizers in Banana Fields 20. Isolation of Pesticides from Wheat Crop 21. Azotobacter Isolated from Mulberry 22. Sulphatic Biofertilizer on Pigeonpea 23. Biodynamic Agriculture 24. Indigenous Knowledge in Rice Organic Farming 25. Rice Diseases in Organic Rice-Fish system 26. Permanent Manurial Experiments in Rice 27. Success Story of Organic Farming Bibliography Index