General Ichthyology

by JSDatta Munshi

ISBN: 9789351305286
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
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Author Profile

Jyotiswarup Datta Munshi (1930- ) born 8 February, 1930, Ph.D Banaras Hindu University (1959), Professor and Head, Post-Graduate Department of Zoology, Bhagalpur University 1970-1992. Formerly, Lecturer in Zoology, Patna University (1952-62), Reader in Zoology, Banaras Hindu University (1962-70), Professor Datta Munshi continued to be associated with Bhagalpur University as CSIR Emeritus Scientist (1992-95) and Senior Scientist, INSA (1996-2000).

About The Book

The book on “General Ichthyology” deals with air-breathing fishes which have evolved on several occasions. Evolution of the first bony fishes during the late Silurian and Devonian period produced two new features, lobe fins and the lung fishes. <BR> Animals inhabiting the water/air interface show many morphological and physiological adaptations designed with different types of function in that unique environments. In the present age there are new challenges. These include climatic change and contamination of the environment by anthropogenic activities. <BR> The subject matter has been delineated in 13 (Thirteen) chapters: <BR> Evolutionary Biology, Origin of Fishes, Evolution of Air-breathing Habit in Vertebrates, Morphometrics of the respiratory organs, Evolutionary Transformations of the Respiratory Islets of Air-breathing Organs in Teleostean Fishes, Chloride cells in the Gills of Fresh water teleosts, Respiratory Surface Area Metabolism relationship in Air-breathing Fishes of India, Water/Air Transition in Biology, Structure of the heart of Amphipnous cuchia and their vasculature of the head and respiratory organs. Histochemistry and Functional Organisation, Fine Structure of the Respiratory Organs, Cytology of Macrophages in normal and mercury treated air-breathing fish, Oxygen Uptake and Phylogeny. <BR> The book will interest students and research workers in the filed of General Ichthyology.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement vii <BR> Preface ix <BR> 1. Evolutionary Biology 1 <BR> 2. Origin of Fishes 7 <BR> 3. Evolution of Air-breathing Habit in Vertebrates 35 <BR> 4. Morphometrics of the Respiratory Organs of the <BR> Indian Green Snake-Headed Fish, Channa punctata 44 <BR> 5. Evolutionary Transformations of the Respiratory Islets <BR> of Air-breathing Organs in Teleostean Fishes 67 <BR> 6. Chloride Cells in the Gills of Freshwater Teleosts 104 <BR> 7. Respiratory Surface Area Metabolism Relationship in <BR> Air-Breathing Fishes of India 116 <BR> 8. Water/Air Transition in Biology 135 <BR> 9. Structure of the Heart of Amphipnous cuchia (Ham.) <BR> Amphipnoidae Pieces 140 <BR> 10. Fine Structure of the Respiratory Organs of the <BR> Climbing Perch Anabas testudineus (Pisces: Anabantidae) 193 <BR> 11. Cytology of Macrophages in Normal and Mercury-Treated <BR> Air-Breathing Fish, Channa punctata (Bloch) 217 <BR> 12. Oxygen Uptake in Teleostean Fishes 221 <BR> 13. Phylogeny 264 <BR> Epilogue <BR> Respiratory Properties of the Blood and Control of Breathing <BR> in Certain Indian Air-Breathing Fishes 283 <BR> References 293 <BR> Author Index 323 <BR> Subject Index 327