Life Arts and Crafts of Arunachal Pradesh

by Ela Mukhopadhyay

ISBN: 9789351301431
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Imprint : Regency Publications
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 5995.00
Biblio : x+160p., col. plts., figs., 23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. Ela Mukhopadhyay majored in Ancient Indian History and Culture with specialization in History of Arts & Crafts. Her interest in Social Anthropology made her a keen observance in human behaviour and their inner psyche which reflect in their art and craft products. With her deep interest she recognised the grace to an otherwise drab human existence. It made her interested in Indian Craftsmanship, which is remarkable means of self-expression.

About The Book

The author, in her refreshing book 'Life, Arts and Crafts of Arunachal Pradesh', deals with the basic arts and crafts of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh in the context of their total life and culture which pivot round their artistic craft activities. She has enriched her explication not only on the basis of historical source materials but also by her intimate acquaintance with the life styles of the tribes which she marshalled in course of her intensive filed work in Arunachal Pradesh. <BR> Dr. Mukhopadhyay brings into focus that the tribal craftsmen, while engaged in making crafts basically functional objects, have succeeded in creating art works of exceptional aesthetic quality. Inspite of their near-isolation (1982-83) and various constraints, the craftsmen were self-sufficient in almost all spheres of life, while the advent of modern commercialisation process has put them in a difficult transitional phase. The author has sought to find out an optimum way out for the concerned inhabitant in the midst of the cross-currents of the opposite forces presently in motion. The book is adorned with exquisite plates and photograph depicting the life and crafts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 <BR> Introduction 1<br/> <BR> Chapter 2 <BR> Socio-Economic Milieu 22<br/> <BR> Chapter 3 <BR> Art and Crafts Related to Personal Adornments and Accessories 40<br/> <BR> Chapter 4 <BR> Production Technology of Textiles 64<br/> <BR> Chapter 5 <BR> Final Textile Products 82<br/> <BR> Chapter 6 <BR> Social Context of Textile Designs 117<br/> <BR> Chapter 7 <BR> Dynamic Change and Transformation 136<br/> <BR> Appendix I 151<br/> <BR> Bibliography 153<br/>