Biological Diversity and its Conservation

by Dushyant K Sharma, R P Singh

ISBN: 9789351300076
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 5995.00
Biblio : xviii+148p.,col.plts.,figs.,tabls.,ind., 23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. Dushyant Kumar Sharma is working as Head, Department of Zoology, Govt. P.G. College, Morena.<br/>Dr. R. P. Singh is working as Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Govt. P.G. College, Morena.

About The Book

Biological diversity or biodiversity refers to the diversity, or variety, of plants and animals and other living things on earth. There are many levels of diversity-from DNA and genes to species, populations, ecosystems, and communities. This diversity is the beauty of nature and is essential for the survival of human beings. Life on Earth would not exist if its rich biodiversity were severely altered. Species and the ecosystems in which they live are linked together though the flows of energy and materials. A change in the life of one species could ripple throughout an ecosystem, changing the life of many other species, including humans. But due to the greed of mankind, there has been a great threat to the biodiversity. Many human activities, which stem from the population explosion, have threatened biodiversity. Pollution, over hunting, global climate change, habitat fragmentation and degradation and introduction of exotic species are some main causes of loss of biological diversity. Thus it is necessary to think about the problem of biodiversity loss and to come out with some solution for its conservation. This book is a humble effort in this direction. The main objective behind this book is to make people aware about biological diversity and to sensitize them about the urgent need for its conservation. The book is divided into two sections: Section I includes review articles by various academicians and the Section II has research papers by various scientists and academicians. We hope these review and research articles would be able to motivate the students, academicians and general public about various issues of biological diversity and its conservation.

Table of Contents

"Foreword Preface List of Contributors Section I–Review Articles 1. Biological Diversity: Why to Conserve it? 2. Loss of Biodiversity: An Overview 3. Eco-Tourism: Linking Tourism and its Impact on Biological Diversity 4. Role of Women in Conservation and Management of Biodiversity 5. Wetland Conservation: A Review 6. Microbial Diversity: Potential and Challenges 7. Insect Biodiversity and Conservation of Insects 8. Ecological and Economical Impact of Biodiesel Crops Cultivation in Chambal Region 9. Effect of Biodiversity Loss on Human Health 10. Law Relating to Biodiversity 11. The Impact of Biotechnology on Agrobiodiversity Conservation Section II–Research Papers 12. Conservation of Biodiversity in the Natural Forests of Central India: A Case of Few Critically Endangered Medicinal Species of Mandla and Bhopal Region 13. Pattern Diversity Assessment and Conservation of Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 14. Sustainable Management of Avenue Trees: A Case Study Along Five Highways of Imphal West District, Manipur, India 15. Certain Avenue and Roadside Trees in Morena City, Madhya Pradesh, India 16. Study of Fish Biodiversity of Tighra Reservoir, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 17. Conservation of Biodiversity Resources in Madhav National Park Index"