Animal Science Research: New Dimensions

by Arvind ed Kumar

ISBN: 9789351300038
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 8995.00
Biblio : x+262p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm

Author Profile

Dr. Arvind Kumar is Vice-Chancellor of Magadh University and had been Vice-Chancellor of Vinoba Bhave University. Dr. Kumar is recipient of several awards and medals including Prof. WA Nizam Gold Medal by the Zoological society of India, Dr. S.Z Qasim Gold Medal.

About The Book

The factors governing life on earth are changing constantly and the same is true for life too. The unique property of the living forms is their ability to change themselves, accepting the challenge caused by changes in the surroundings and this has enabled them to exploit the environment successfully, leading to their survival, multiplication and continuation on earth since first appearance. The association of man and animals dates back to the prehistoric period. The prehistoric men knew animals; they could distinguish them from one another, from different angles, primarily from their daily needs and safety. The early Egyptians knew quite a lot about animals, and domesticated cattle, sheep, cats and ducks. Today the tree of Animal Science has grown steadily for millions of years, diversifying it in many branches. Our ever-increasing knowledge in Animal Science has enabled us to apply this science in human benefit, ranging from prevention of diseases to production of various items for our use, introduction and stabilization of new hybrids, and in many other fields. Hence, the Animal Science has attained new and advance spectrum, which is visible in this book. Therefore, it is to be noted that the present book is a unique compilation of most recent research articles in various fields of Zoology and will be very much helpful for students, research scholars, and college or university teachers.