Plant Breeding Related Legislation

by Phundan Singh

ISBN: 9789351241300
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
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Biblio : xiv+194 p., tabls., 25 cm

Author Profile

Phundan Singh [b. 1946] hails from a reputed agricultural family of Western Uttar Pradesh [Village-Sakauti, Tehsil-Mawana, District-Meerut]. He graduated in Agriculture from Agra University, Agra and obtained his Master and Doctorate degrees from Kanpur University, Kanpur. He has throughout a brilliant academic record. His area of specialization is Plant Breeding and Genetics. Dr. P. Singh has total experience of 44 years in the field of Genetics and Plant Breeding. He has served the Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur for about 32 years in various capacities such as Scientist, Senior Scientist, Principal Scientist, Head of Division and Director. He has 300 publications to his credit. He has participated and presented 80 research papers in various National and International Seminars, Symposia and Conferences. He has authored 45 books on Genetics and Plant Breeding mostly published by Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi. He has also authored 18 technical bulletins on various aspects of cotton and contributed 13 chapters in various books. Dr P. Singh is a member of several Scientific Societies, referee of different journals, Expert member of Selection Committees and M.Sc. and Ph.D. Examiner in different Agricultural Universities. The Institute was recognized as the referral Laboratory for detection of Bt gene and received the best Annual Report Award when he was the Director. He has visited several countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, Uzbekistan, Canada, USA, England, Austria and Germany.

About The Book

Present book has been designed to provide comprehensive information about all plant breeding related legislations in one compact volume. Hope this volume would be useful to the students, teachers and researchers engaged in the field of Plant Breeding, Seed Technology and Genetics.

Table of Contents

Preface vii Abbreviations xiii Section I: Seed Related Legislations 1. Introductory Chapter 3 2. Indian Seed Act 1966 11 3. The Seed Rules, 1968 17 4. Seed Amendment Rules 29 5. Seeds (Control) Order, 1983 35 6. New Seed Policy, 1988 41 7. Seed Order, 1989 53 8. National Seeds Policy, 2002 61 9. Indian Seed Act 2004 75 Section II: Varieties Related Legislations 10. Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act 2001 85 11. Plant Breeders’ Rights 91 12. Farmers’ Rights 97 Section III: Biodiversity Related Legislations 13. Convention on Biodiversity 107 14. Indian Biodiversity Legislation 113 Section IV: Bio-safety Related Legislations 15. Cartagena Protocol on Bio-safety 121 16. Bio-safety Regulations for Transgenic Plants 129 Section V: Miscellaneous Topics 17. Plant Quarantine Order, 2003 (Regulation of Import into India) 135 18. Intellectual Property Rights 147 19. World Trade Organization 163 20. Globalization 169 Glossary 177 References 187 Books by the Same Author 19