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by Nazeer, Ahmed, Shabir A Wani & W M Wani
Daya Publishing House
xvi+470p., figs, color plts., tbls., indx., 25cm
by Abraham, Z
Agri Horti Press
xii+288 p., 25 cm
by K L Chadha, R K Pal
Daya Publishing House
xiv+755p.,col. figs., tabls., 25 cm
by Peter, K V
Daya Publishing House
xx+372p., figs., color phto., tbls., indx., 25cm
by Misra, Kaushal Kumar et al
x+253p.,figs.,tabls.,bib.,ind., 25 cm
by D B Singh, M K Verma, Nazeer Ahmed, Shiv Lal
Daya Publishing House
x+224p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
by Desh Beer Singh, Nazeer Ahmed
Daya Publishing House
x+91 p., fig., tabls., ind., 25 cm
by Kaushal Kumar
x+228p.,figs.,tabls.,ind., 25 cm
by NVSingh, R K Pal
Daya Publishing House
xii+288,tbls,fig,col., 25cm
by PL Saroj
Daya Publishing House
xvi+632p., col.figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
by S D Ramteke
Daya Publishing House
viii+154 p., 25 cm
by Sasi Kumar R
xxix+476p., col plts., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
by M Sankaran, MR Dinesh
Daya Publishing House
xiv+290p., col.figs., tabls., 25cm
by JV Patil, U D Chavan, A M Chavai, K G Shinde, S B Shinde
Daya Publishing House
vii+153 p., fig., tabls., 25 cm
by M K Sheikh, N Manjula, S R Mulla
Daya Publishing House
xii+299p.,col.,plts.,tabls.,ind., 25 cm
by AD Kadlag, AB Bhosale, SD Kale, SM Todmal
Daya Publishing House
viii+202p., figs., col.plts., tabls., ind., 25cm
by Hood, George W
viii+234p., figs., tbls., indx., 25cm
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