Commercial Chicken Egg Production
by Murugan, M
Imprint : Associated Publishing Company
Year : 2021
ISBN : 9789390259236
Price : Rs 4095.00
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Author Profile
The Author Dr M. Murugan M.V.Sc., Ph.D, MBA (Human Resources) is currently working as Professor of Poultry Science in Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Tamil Nadu. He is a prolific writer in the domain poultry science and has inherent passion for teaching. He is also a resource person for human resource management in poultry sector. He has got twenty year of teaching, research and extension service experience in the field of poultry science with special reference to commerci
About the Book
The objective of this book is to elaborate the commercial chicken production system of India with our own farming perspectives. There is a striking difference between western and Indian poultry production systems, which has to be clearly understood for effective professional practice of poultry production in India. Largely, Indian poultry system is tropical climate based and our experience in tropical chicken egg production is unique.The content of commercial chicken egg production is sequential
Table of Contents
Preface v 1. Introduction to Commercial Chicken Egg Production 1 2. Genetic Stocks of Chicken Egg Production 5 3. Poultry Housing of Layer Chicken 9 4. Layer Chicken Management 21 5. Commercial Layer Chicken Feeding 33 6. Chicken Egg Quality 55 7. Bio-security in Commercial Layer Farm 73 8. Common Poultry Diseases 81 9. Water Quality Management 91 10. Good Husbandry Practices in Commercial Layer Farming 93 11. Commercial Chicken Layer Farm Economics 99 Annexure 103 Index 105 C
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