Animal Behaviour and Physiology
by Kaur, Satinder
Imprint : Agri Horti Press
Year : 2021
ISBN : 9789390259076
Price : Rs 12095.00
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Author Profile
About the Author Dr Satinder Kaur is presently serving as Head, Department of Zoology at Government P.G. College for Women, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. She obtained M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D degrees in Animal Sciences. Dr. Kaur has vast teaching experiences in zoology and human pathology. She is co-ordinator in Pathology Laboratory Techniques for over a decade. She is the recipient of Senior Scientist Award by Zoological Society of India, among other accolades including Gold Medal for best paper present
About the Book
About the book The present book obtains the mechanisms of animal behaviour, which is spread over in fifteen chapters viz. introduction, animal culture, communication among animals, pattern of behaviour, social behaviour, herd behaviour, animal biological clocks, animal nervous system, animal respiration system, animal muscular system, immune system, animal mating system, animal reproduction system and methods of studying behaviour. This book will be highly useful to the students, teachers and r
Table of Contents
Contents Preface v 1. Introduction 1 2. Animal Culture 13 3. Communication among Animals 33 4. Patterns of Behaviour 65 5. Social Behaviour 85 6. Herd Behaviour 101 7. Genetic Behaviour 109 8. Animal Biological Clocks 145 9. Animal Nervous System 167 10. Animal Respiration System 195 11. Animal Muscular System 229 12. Immune System 245 13. Animal Mating System 261 14. Animal Reproduction System 275 15. Methods of Studying Behaviour 291 Bibliography 323 Index
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