Bougainvillea: A Color Handbook
by Roy, R K
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2020
ISBN : 9789389605426
Price : Rs 5995.00
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Author Profile
Dr R K Roy, is a renowned horticulturist in India. He has worked in reputed research institute like CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow and Agricultural & Horticultural Society of India, Kolkata in various capacities. Dr. Roy has been deeply involved in the R&D work on Horticulture since last 35 years. He has developed 16 new varieties of ornamentals which are popular in horticultural trade. Moreover, he was credited for the development of core collection of germplasm viz. Bougai
About the Book
Bougainvillea is a very popular flowering plant and extensively grown in parks and gardens specially in tropical countries. The book is first of its kind which is based on scientific studies and personal work experience of the Author. It contains altogether 12 chapters on different aspects on Bougainvillea covering nativity, history, migration, taxonomical description, morphological characterization, growing tips, propagation, cytology, genetics, breeding and molecular characterization. Besides,
Table of Contents
Contents Foreword v Preface vii 1. Introduction 1 2 Nativity, Historical Aspects, Migration Route and Domestication 3 3. Genus, Species and Varieties in Cultivation 9 4. Characterization of Varieties - Morphological and Floral 33 5. Genetic Diversity Studies by Molecular Analysis 43 6. Culture and Management for Growth and Flowering 47 7. Different Methods of Multiplic
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