Soilless Crop Production
by Sanjay Misra
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2018
ISBN : 9789386949424
Price : Rs 8995.00
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Author Profile
Sanjay Misra started his career as a computer professional first in NIIT where he served for four years and was bestowed with the Award of Excellence. Though he is a biology graduate from Delhi University but is well trained in Computer Applications. Out of curiosity, as an amateur gardener he used to grow horticultural plants and fishes by working on projects of hydroponics and aquaponics continuously at his home. It was in 2011, when he started a commercial hydroponics and aquaponics farm in A
About the Book
The present book provides detailed information on hydroponics techniques, its nutrient solution requirements, disorders of plants (nutrient deficiency symptoms, diseases and other insect-pests), media, root and air environmental requirements, aquaculture & aquaponics systems and their requirements along with the concepts of controlled environment of agriculture techniques such as greenhouses and growrooms. Through environmentally-controlled greenhouses, we can grow anything, anywhere and in any
Table of Contents
Dedication v Acknowledgements vii Preface ix Introduction 1 1. Hydroponics 7 2. Aeroponics 25 3. Passive Hydroponics (Medium Culture Hydroponics) 31 4. Environmental Conditions for Plants 47 5. Nutrient Solution for Hydroponics 65 6. Substrates or Growing Medium 99 7. Nutritional Disorders 113 8. Plant Enemies (Insect Pests and Diseases) 135 9. What Can be Grown Hydroponically? 161 10. Hydroponics Step by Step 169 11. Growing Tomatoes in Hydroponics System 183 12. Growing Cucumber
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